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Default Point us in the right direction PLEASE...

My fiancÚ and I are trying to do a bit of homework. Pregnancies have not been kind to her body, and it's caused her to have many self-esteem issues. As all of us know, these types of procedures aren't cheap. But she's a shell of her former self. She needs a couple of procedures done, but the recession has not been kind to anyone in this region, especially us. We're trying to make every dollar stretch.

I have an insurance plan through work, with a HSA plan that already has funds in it. From what I'm reading, it's almost impossible to get the IRS to approve breast augmentation surgery payment via HSA funds. However, it sounds like a tummy tuck might be a different story. It sounds like, if a doctor deems this 'reconstructive' surgery rather than cosmetic, HSA can be used for the procedure. We very much deem this reconstructive. Is it just a matter of getting a doctor to write this in a letter? This would cut the procedure cost in half, as far as funds we would need to get financed.

Also, it sounds like HSA funds can be used for all of the peripheral costs, such as hospital stay, anesthesia, etc. Does anyone have experience with this? This would also lower the out-of-pocket costs substantially, even though HSA funds are actually funds I've already saved out of my own pocket anyway. Would it be too na´ve to think that we could use HSA to pay for the tummy tuck, and part of the costs for a breast augmentation? From what I understand, the IRS just does not permit us to use HSA for the actual procedure itself?

Next, how would we go about finding a doctor that's less worried about just getting paid, and is compassionate and caring? Someone that is willing to help us find the best way to afford these procedures, even if it means that he or she may not be able to finance this? Would anyone be able to recommend someone in the Michigan area...preferably close to the Thumb region?

We're considering financing whatever HSA won't cover with an agency such as United Medical Credit, or Care Credit...as long as we can pay off the balance before the interest kicks in. We're very much hoping that we can minimize the amount that we need to finance, though.

This is a lot to read, and I apologize. I just very much want to help her with this, and there are limited sources of good info. We appreciate any help anyone might give us GREATY. Thank you.

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Hello. Did you have any luck finding a doctor to perform the surgeries you mentioned? I'm not familiar with HSA's, but just from reading your post I disagree with anyone telling you what you can use the funds for, I mean, isn't it all your money that goes into the account? That being said, I've been a Care Credit member/user myself for over 10 years now and it has enabled me to pay for multiple cosmetic surgeries without the interest. I'm not in the thumb area I am closer to Detroit and have experience with several well-known and well-advertised cosmetic surgeons in the area. The #1 doc I would recommend is Dr. Ellen Janetzke, Plastic Surgery Michigan | Cosmetic Surgery Michigan, for both surgeries you are interested in. She does amazing work. My tummy too was wrecked after 3 kids and she did my tummy tuck about 4 years ago, and it looks the same today as the day she did it!! I plan to have her re-do my breast augmentation later this year as well. I originally had them done 10 years ago by Dr. Gregory Roche...he did a great job they look great and all but I just found out that he overfilled them, by A LOT. It hasn't hurt anything and it wouldn't keep me from recommending him or anything, I just prefer a woman surgeon at this point in my life. I had only ever consulted with and used men cosmetic surgeons in the past, but Dr. Ellen changed all that for me, she is that good at what she does. Sorry for the book here, hope I helped! Happy to provide more info if needed/wanted.

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Originally Posted by thovind1 View Post
Would anyone be able to recommend someone in the Michigan area...preferably close to the Thumb region?
Hello thovind1! I know what your fiancee feels, I also undergone on
that surgery but not in Michigan my medical provider referred my in Turkey and it all went well. If you want I can refer you to them, they will be the one to look for the right surgeon and clinic that match to your budget. Or if you want you can just ask for a Quote its Free to ask for quote,So you don't need to worry. Here if you want ( +1.303.500.3821 ) ( info@placidway.com ) The name of the Company is PlacidWay Medical Tourism, if you want you can search it on Google.

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