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RKNG 05-07-2013 08:41 AM

a peculiar question.
I am not sure if this is the right place, or what... if there is a more fitting place, please move this there.

my wife and I are in our early 30's, and due to PCOS, she is substantially overweight. (though, thankfully, in a "healthy obese" sort of way, so its a little less bad in some aspects)
now, we are working on helping her lose weight through the usual means, and I am optimistic that in time, she will get to a much better weight.

and to be clear, we are talking about a greater than 1/3 of current body mass type weight loss, and more than half of all-time-high weight.

now, even though she is relatively young,and at least I am optimistic that she will get there before she is 40, we expect that no matter what, there will be some excess skin once that goal weight is reached, and that the only way to solve that will be via various body lift type procedures.

pretty sure so far, this is all pretty standard and nothing too unusual or whatever.

now, the perhaps, more unusual question, is that we are a little curious about the effects of all this on her groin/labia/ect area. obviously being fleshy and all it has to be impacted somehow by the weight loss, and that is probably rather unpredictable, individual bodys reacting differently and all that.

but what about where lift procedures fit in? I mean tugging skin this way or that can make a relatively noticable impact on things, depending on all sorts of factors.

so is what effects and changes in appearance there, something that is actively and deliberately considered for in planning such procedures? are there... well, options, in desired appearances? like a "well if we do this, it should give an appearance more like X, or if we do it this way, it would likely be more like Y...." type of thing? or is it a crap shoot? or is it less ... effected, than one might expect?

I appriciate that DETAILS as to exactly what the situation would be, is something that would have to be "diagnosed" by the expert, in person, ect. but I'm mostly wondering how much deliberate consideration is given to such matters, as opposed to it being a totally secondary concern.

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