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canadian daisy 12-11-2012 11:32 PM

New and have a question?
Hello Ladies,
I have decided to get a tummy tuck, finally. I'm married, 36, 3 children..and a saggy belly to weigh me down :(
I am planning on having it done in March. I am a bit of a 'different case'. I had a reconstructive vaginal surgery 3 years ago and have suffered great complications. To the point of me now being on permamnet disability and chronic back pain for the rest of my life.
My question is, how MUCH does it really hurt? Since I am a chroinc pain patient my tolerance to acute pain is not very good at all and I worry about pain control afterwards since I am already taking far stronger things then what he would prescribe..i* think*. My family dr said he may just give me Percocet. Would that be enough?? Is the pain in your back and hips as well or just tummy?
I have a million more questions but I'm not sure if anyone will even read/reply to this so I won't type a novel
If anyone has any questions about anything...ask away.
I don't know anyone personally who has had a tt..and I don't have anyone to speak with about this. My husband is 'ok' some days with it but insists I don't need it. :( So needless to say I need a friend to talk with about this.
Having the tuck will make me feel much better about myself, I need that..we all need that! Ever since that surgery, my life has took a turn for the worst and I need to feel like a woman again and like the person I see in the mirror. Chroinc pain is really hard to deal with and it affects your whole family sadly.
I am looking forward to meeting you ladies and making some friends :)
God Bless
daisy xx

canadian daisy 12-14-2012 10:51 AM

People are reading this..but no one can give me any advice? Please someone...I am very nervous and just need some guidance. Atleast someone could tell me how bad their pain was...anyone???????
Thank you :)

TwinMamaPlusOne 12-29-2012 09:00 AM

I had my TT with muscle repair and lipo on 12/26/2012. The first day was the worst because I couldn't tolerate the pain med (Percocet) they gave me. I just kept throwing up which was painful. I stopped taking the Percocet on the first day about 8pm and switched to Tylenol. I kept taking the Valium they prescribed. I opted to pay extra for a pain med called exparal that was administered during the surgery and boy am I glad I did. It helps so much, if they offer it take it! I think it cost about $500 extra but worth it. I have a pretty high pain tolerance so I didn't have much trouble. I was getting up to go to the bathroom and take walks around the house by myself at the end of the day after surgery. One thing I would advise is if you have kids try to find someone to watch them for the first 2-3 days so you can just rest. Good luck with your decision.

canadian daisy 12-29-2012 09:15 AM

Thank you SO much TwinMama! It was so upsetting to have so many people read my post but no one answered it.
I wonder what the exparal was for? I will surely take it if it's offered! My PS operates in a surrgical center so I'm a bit worried about that but everyone sys it's total normal and it's safe. He is well known and respected so I will just hve to go with my gut. I called and made a foloow up to my consult at the end of January to go over a few more questions I have. I *did* book the surgery for April 9th. Oh my..just typing that scres my pants off.
See, I don't have a high pain tolerance. But living with chronic pain now for 3+ years I have a new understanding of pain. The valium sounds like a wonderful addition, I tend to really freak out when pain is BAD. I throw up (so sorry you threw up with the percs, I'm sure that made you want to die right there :(....) and I sweat and just shake...I have taken valium in the past for anxiety so I will bring it up.
Since I take so many Narcs now for pain I am worried I will get less pain control for PO pain. My Family dr said he may give me Percocets...I hope so..and Valium and whatever that med is you mentioned. I will Google it.
Again, thank you SO much for answering me..I was gettting really sad here and wondering if I was making the wrong decision. :) How's your recovery going??
P.S. My husband will be tking a 6 week leave from work to help with me and take care of the kiddos... :) Thank goodness!
I have read that people use hospital beds at that necessary? I am not financially able to rent one but I do have a ton of pillows and a big fluffy recliner..any suggestions?

TwinMamaPlusOne 12-30-2012 11:13 AM

Glad you found a dr you trust, that was tough for me because I'm a control freak. I went to 7 drs before picking one. He has a great bedside manner and never makes me wait in the waiting room for long when I was in for appts. The exparel is for pain, they administer it during the surgery and it lasts for 72 hours after. Here is the website with some info: Postsurgical Pain Management Analgesic | EXPAREL®. Like I said in my previous post I was able to stop taking the Percocet by the end of the day of my surgery. I even shuffled into Starbucks on my way to my post op appt the day after my surgery. I went with my mom to the grocery store and walked around there on the 3rd day after and was able to make lunch for myself and the kids today (4 days post-op). I plan on going back to work next Wednesday which will be 1 week after but I'm leaving myself the option to take an extra day or two off if needed. I have started to take the Valium just once a day before bed but continuing to take the stool softener which is helping. I did sleep in a recliner the first couple nights but that was all. I haven't found it too hard to get up and down, I had my husband hold his hand out and I pulled myself up on his hand for awhile but by the end of the second day I could get up on my own (slowly). I was even contemplating going out on NYE for dinner but have decided to just take it easy lol. Pillows under your knees help when laying down, I don't think you need a hospital bed.

Katie UK 01-23-2013 03:04 PM

Hi Daisy,sorry I can't offer you any advice as I haven't had a tummy tuck.....yet ;) I'm new aswell! I'm all booked in for February and soooo nervous! Like yourself I have 3 children and I am 34 living in the uk, my partner says he loves me as I am but is supporting me luckily! I too am worried bough the pain as well as the scar healing ect. sorry to hear your suffering from your past surgery so much.
Katie xx

Polly 01-31-2013 11:11 AM

make sure you get someone to lend a hand

Originally Posted by TwinMamaPlusOne (Post 14873)
One thing I would advise is if you have kids try to find someone to watch them for the first 2-3 days so you can just rest. Good luck with your decision.

I agree with the kids part! I have a high pain tolerance as well so I was able to cope just fine with it, and I (thank god!!) didn't have any complications with the surgery and the percocet I got for the pain did just fine for me, but definitely get someone to watch your kiddies! My sister took my kids for a whole week after my surgery (bless her), and I couldn't imagine running around the house after them for the first few days post op. Again my kids were fairly young (6,10,12) so if yours are older then maybe you don't need to worry about it as much, but having extra help around the house is a MUST. The drugs will make you really loopy and if the pain is too much you won't be able to do much for yourself, so try and schedule your surgery around a time when your friends and family can pitch in for you :)

best of luck, you'll be so happy when it's over and done with!

samsperon 04-25-2013 02:34 AM


Originally Posted by canadian daisy (Post 14819)
People are reading this..but no one can give me any advice? Please someone...I am very nervous and just need some guidance. Atleast someone could tell me how bad their pain was...anyone???????
Thank you :)

Hai daisy you can clear your doubt with Chicago abdominoplasty ?this will give good suggestion i thing so...

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