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USMC_wife 09-25-2011 12:07 PM

Hi! I'm having a tummy tuck, and I have questions!
My name is Mary and I had lap-band surgery in 2009. I have since lost over 100 pounds and now have awful saggy skin on my stomach area. I am having a tummy tuck on October 14th. 6 weeks later, I am having a breast reduction. I have some questions about both these procedures. I have asked my doctor everything he can tell me, but some things you just can't answer unless you have personally been through it!! Here are the things I would like to know:

1) am I going to wish I were dead because of the pain after surgery (LOL)??

2) how long does it REALLY take to get back to 100%?

3) will my pants/dress size go down? If so, what is typical? I know it's hard to tell without seeing what I have going on in that area now...

4) do I need to rent a hospital bed or will my own bed be alright?

5) what are ways to help minimize the swelling?

6) how long ago did you have a tummy tuck, and what does the scar look like now?

I'm excited and very nervous!! Thanks for all your help!:o

animalhouseof5 09-28-2011 04:53 PM

Hi Mary my name is Leslie and I had a tt, breast lift/aug 2 months ago. I have to tell you that I am soooo happy. 1) you will not wish you were dead, my advice to you would be to get up and moving immediately. 2) It takes about 2-3 weeks to feel up to most things. 3) My pant size stayed the same, however they fit much more comfortably. 4) I did not rent a hospital bed, but I did buy an electric recliner (it was my best friend that is where I slept for 1 1/2 weeks. 5) As for the swelling I wore the compression garment that my surgeon supplied and I bought an extra one so that I could wash it every day. 6) Like I said I had my surgery 2 months ago my scar is still red but looks great, I put the dermatix on it twice a day. I have five children and was back to house keeping after 2-3 weeks. I am a police officer and went back to work after 6 weeks. I hope I helped you I couldnt be happier good luck you will be fine, just follow your surgeons directions exactly ;- )

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