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everhopeful 08-09-2011 04:41 AM

Hot Questions
Hello Everyone. I'm a Newbie and have done a lot of reading on this site and similar during the past few days. I'm thinking I should have done it a lot earlier! Too late for that now as I had my TT last Thursday, which makes me 5 days post op. I really appreciate the fact that people stay around to answer posts well after their ops - it is easy to understand all the recent patients being keen but it is so nice to hear from those a year or even more down the track.

I had my TT in Bangkok but I didn't fly in and out as many do - I am currently living here. I had three days in hospital afterwards which in hindsight was a blessing because it was three nights before I had the drama of sleeping in an ordinary bed. I have managed that by building myself a little nest using all the squabs and bolsters and pillows (including my partner's!). Felt a bit like a child building a house with blankets and the living room furniture! Also had a drain which was taken out the day I left hospital so Thank Goodness I didn't have to bring it with me. Now, after reading posts about drains, I worry if it was too soon for it to be taken out, although the fluid level in the bottle had not increased the previous 12 hours. Other than that I am popping pills and trying not to cough - no one has mentioned that but it is THE most painful thing. I don't have a cold, just a tickle in my throat a couple of times a day. I actually have an anti cough pill to take twice a day but it doesn't work 100%!

I have a follow up appointment day after tomorrow (7 days post op) when I think the stitches will come out. I am awaiting onset of swelling but so far the pain has been manageable with paracetemol and the occaisional sleeping pill. I'm being very good as far as rest and doing not a lot.I'm swathed in a kind of strait jacket stomach holder in-er thing so no idea if tummy is looking good or not.

My concern is the heat. It isn't a problem right now as I am in AC apartment but I can't live inside the apartment for ever. Is that going to make the swelling worse and is there anything I can do to alleviate that? It is currently around 35 degrees celtigrade most days. I had a foot operation a couple of years ago (not here) and had great problems with swelling and now, in retrospect, I think it was the heat. I travelled through Asia about 6 months after the op when I thought the swelling problems would be over. They weren't.

We plan to leave here 8 weeks after my op date and travel around the South of Thailand for a month ie do the beaches and the Islands. Am I going to have a miserable time of it? Can I go swimming by then, or if not swimming can I stand in pool or sea to cool off? And can I lie in a deck chair in the sun (in swim suit not bikini)?

Then we are planning to leave Thailand and head south where it will be summer but not temperatures like here. I have made plans to run a half marathon with my friends, 15 weeks post op but is that going to be impossible, seeing as training would be required. Would I be able to walk it? (Would still need to do some training to walk it). Before TT I regularly exercised, but just the aerobic stuff, running, bike and step machine not weights or ab crunches etc.

Sorry, a lot of questions I know and I will be able to ask my ps some of these when I see him but I don't think he is into running or walking a great deal. And hot is his natural habitat so he is used to it. And he is also used to patients leaving the country for cooler climes after a couple of weeks.

One last question - when can I have a glass of wine or beer? Haven't felt the urge yet but I do enjoy both usually.

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