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blkbettybamalam 06-12-2011 01:29 PM

infection after tummy tuck surgery :( help!
I had a tummy tuck done 4 weeks ago and have had no trouble with infection until a few days ago. The drains were removed at 1 week and at 2 weeks. I had a few days with a fever a couple weeks ago, but nothing that could be seen around the incision. The drainage had always been clear and there was no redness anywhere. The drainage holes never closed and now the area around one of them is red, hot, and irritated. The drainage is now thicker and whitish, but has no odor. I do not have a fever. I went back to my PS and he put me on Keflex oral 500mg every 6 hours and a topical antibacterial. I have been taking the medication now for 4 days and see no improvement. I have a f/u tomorrow. I'm wondering if anyone has any opinions, suggestions, ideas about this. i just feel like I should be seeing a difference. Maybe I'm being a little impatient. :Freak:

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