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Monty 04-22-2011 01:58 PM

Tummy tuck 1 day post op!
Hi everyone ... yesterday I had my tummy tuck, all went well. BUTT, I am upset with my PS though. When I had talked to him he had told me that he was going to do some body contouring. (to give me a waist line) Then my husband and I went back and he said the same thing ..... body contouring to give me a waist line.

Yesterday my PS drew on my belly and showed me where he was going to do the lipo. He said nothing about the flanks. He said that was a different procedures. Isn't the flank my hips, that would give me my curves??

Dang this garment is tight!! I wore one garment home and when I showered this morning put on my other garment. This one seems tighter then the one I had on yesterday. Like it cutting into me at the top of the garment. I've unzipped the top a little. I called the doctor on call she told me it is suppose to be this tight and it will stretch out a little bit.

I took a shower this morning. While taking off my garment and gauze, I looked in the mirror and what did I see. My incision was swollen in areas, red and looked like a zig zag line. I started crying and my husband told me it look great, that it was going to look better and better each week.

I called the PS prior to my shower. He told me everything went well. That he was very please at how every thing lined up.

So, I am guessing and praying that the swelling has made my incision look zig zagged.

Someone had wrote on here that your back with be achy ... OMG is it ever!!

Thats all I have for day one post op .... Monty :Cat:

mlamla 04-23-2011 12:56 PM

I'm sure you are very uncomfortable and probably have a lot of swelling right now. You'll get the curves you desire as the swelling goes down I bet. How long do you have off work to recover?

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