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bruce78 01-21-2011 02:49 PM

TT: I did it!
I posted a while back about my dilemma on getting a TT. Long story short, I chose a dr in Indianapolis (Dr. Linderman) who uses a high lateral tension technique (google if interested in learning about it). I had it done on Mon, a tt with the plication to fix my separated abs from pregnancy. The procedure included an overnight stay in the hospital, which was great. I couldn't have imagined walking out that day of the surgery.
So I just wanted to relay my experience for anyone looking into doing this like I was. I really found these forums helpful for many reasons. I'm 3 days out, and am pretty mobile. I just have to make sure to take the pain meds regularly to stay on top of the pain b/c it's awful if you don't! I still have drains in, and I make my husband empty them b/c I'm so squeamish. :) I haven't looked really closely yet at the final result b/c I know it's not pretty right now, and I'd rather deal with it after I get the drains taken out (which should be on Monday next week). But overall, I'm feeling good, and very happy I did it. Thanks for reading!

bruce78 02-09-2011 12:56 PM

Well, I'm now 3 1/2 weeks post op, and the pain has been gone for well over a week. I got my drains taken out after 1 week, and thanks to taking a vicodin before doing so, it didn't hurt a bit. I had read that this could be quite painful, so I took a pain pill (or maybe 2, i can't remember) one hour before, and I felt nothing. So I would recommend doing that! Since the drains have been removed, I was having some "oozing" from my belly button. Placing some gauze between my bb and the girdle helped, but it would still bleed through some. Then, I got my stitches removed about 2 1/2 weeks later. I forgot to take any pain reliever, and getting the stitches out of my bb hurt SO BAD. It was like white-hot pain, and there were 3 stitches so it was slow-going getting them out. Make sure to prepare for that.
After getting the stitches out, it's like a floodgate was opened on my bb. The ooze turned into a fairly steady flow, and I was soaking through gauze and bandages daily. It freaked me out, so i called the surgeon, who said the drains must have gotten clogged at some point and all the fluid didn't come out. He had also seen a hole in my bb (which he told me about at the appt, and said it would close up on its own), and that must be where the fluid was coming from. So this was almost a week ago, and I'm still draining fluid out of it. It's not as much, but it's a pain b/c I have to keep a big bandaid type bandage on it, and the sticky stuff is tearing off the skin on my stomach! I'm ready for that hole to close up, so I can have one less thing to worry about.
Other than that, I'm still wearing my compression garment. I got one from Kohl's, a Flexees, and it feels great. It seems to hold me in well, b/c when I take it off to shower, just like another poster said, I feel like a turtle without my shell. :) I'm also using Kelo-Cote on my scar, given to me by my doctor. If anyone uses this scar treatment, be sure to heed the directions which say to apply a very thin layer. Otherwise it will be very greasy and not dry. A little goes a long way.
My stomach looks great, and with the muscles repaired and skin removed and the sculpting lipo, he took 3 inches off my waist! I don't think I've ever had such an hourglass shape in my life. I've always been an apple shaped woman. Now I have this va-va-voom waist, and it looks gorgeous. I'll keep you posted on my recovery.

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