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bruce78 08-29-2010 06:57 AM

Technique question
Hi, I'm new to the forum. I'm a 33 yr old mom of 2 little ones, and like many of the other moms I've seen and read on here, my stomach did not bounce back AT ALL and I'm in the process of finding a surgeon for a TT. I live in MI, and my parents live in KY. I originally planned on finding a doc closer to them so they could help with my kids while I recovered (they're both retired, and my kids are only 3 and 1, so I'll need a ton of help). Online, I found a surgeon via a web search and booked a consult. Long story short, I like the guy, I think he'd do a great job, but I about died of sticker shock ($10,200). Which is probably pretty average, but still a lot more than I thought it would be. :) So, my husband suggested us checking out PSs in Ann Arbor, and I booked a consult with the UofM team. I also liked the surgeon and have no doubts that he's a great surgeon, but here's my dilemma, and this is why I'm posting to you all on here to help me sort out:
The KY PS uses a technique called high lateral tension combined with some sculpting lipo to give a better result. I read everything I could find on this technique and it's been around for quite a while, and everything I read was positive saying it really is an improvement over the traditional TT. So during my consult with UofM, I ask the physician assistant about this technique,and she had never heard of it! (My big mistake was not asking the PS when I met him after talking with her, but when she didn't know what it was, I felt self-conscious to ask him for fear of looking stupid). Also, they do not do any lipo with the TT b/c they say it's too risky. After thinking this over, I realize UofM is a teaching hospital, and with such a prestigious school behind them, they probably aren't going to go above and beyond the bare minimum. BUT, we'll save $2K if we go with them. The reason the $ is so important to me is b/c I'm a stay at home mom, and we're very frugal. But, I also realize this is my body and it's a one time deal, and maybe $2K is worth getting a much better result! I'm even considering calling the KY PS's scheduling guy, who seemed very nice, and asking him if they'll negotiate the price a bit.
So my questions are: 1) what can you tell me about the various techniques for TTs and is one really better than the other?; 2) how many different PS would you recommend me interviewing?
Please help me, I'm so torn! Thanks!

bruce78 08-31-2010 03:03 PM

me again
OK, it's been a few days since my post and I've done research nonstop, so I thought if anyone was reading about my dilemma (so far 14 have looked at it), I'd let you know where I'm at now. I have decided I do want to go with a doctor who uses the high lateral tension technique (google it if you want to know more about it, it's way too technical for my non-medical self to describe :)), and I will begin looking for a doctor who can do this for less, or just go with the KY PS, who I feel very comfortable with and just know that my 10K is money well spent. I have found a couple of PSs in Indianapolis who do this technique, and one of them charges $7K, and that's including an overnight stay. So I may have found my doctor, once I check him out and make sure he has a good reputation and all that.

So that's where I'm at now, I'm much less torn on what I should do. But if anyone has any experience with the HLT tummy tucks and has anything to add or warn me about, please do so! Otherwise, I think I'll go that route.

Thanks for reading,

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