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skirat201 05-10-2010 10:38 AM

Dilemma on choosing a surgeon
I am a 45 year old active female 3 children with no health issues I am 5'4" 157lbs. Cardio 45min 4-5 per week, weight lift 3 per week and competed in lifting competions 3 years ago. With all the work I have done in the gym my body does not match the hard work I have done on it. I am in need of a tummy tuck, breast lift, and some lipo on the flanks, so I have done my research found 3 outstanding surgeons. Doc #1 marked me up did an exam and said my breasts were very dense and shurely didn't need a implant says I would still be a D cup after surgery and didn't think I needed muscle repair that it felt like only a 2 cm split if that between my ab muscles. He can do the surgery but for about $19000 on an outpatient basis at the hospital and surgery would probably take about close to 7ish hours. He can split the sugeries if I want but in the end it'll cost even more.
When I visited Doc #2 office I met with his physician assistant due to him being overseas doing volunteer surgeries in Afghanistan on civilian war victims. She did the exam and said he could do the same surgery with fat removed from my flanks injected into my rear. She said the surgery would take about 4 hours in a Outpatient Facility. I told her that soulded awefully fast she said that the physician has honed his skills and talent over many years and has the skill to complete the surgery in such a short time. I asked to see some of his work as he does not post any pics online they couldn't find the book of example surgeries he has done and the office staff thinks he may have taken it with him, but they woud have the book on the next visit and also some patients I can speak with if I desire. She said cost would be about $1200.
Doc #3 is a very conservative. Said he would not do any lipo at all during the TT and BL surgery and if I wanted it later then that would have to be another surgery. He said he found it hard to believe that there wouldn't be any need for muscle repair, and would have me stay over night at the hospital and give me a "theraputic dose of anti-blood clotting medication couple of hours prior to the surgery and surgery would take about 6 hours. He stated cost would be $14,600 Who would you choose? They are all outstanding surgeons.

PeanutKisses 05-12-2010 07:50 AM

All I can say is that you have to thoroughly search for the background of the surgeon before settling on him/her. The Internet has ample of information about doctors and their expertise based on the testimonials of their patients.

robyne00 05-12-2010 05:02 PM

Please do not go by mere internet reviews. Many are skewed, biased, and often created by the surgeon and/or supporters of the surgeon.

Ask as many questions as possible on this forum, and be careful whose advice you heed. Even meeting "former" patients of surgeons can be tricky, as many are actors.

I would go with surgeon #1.

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