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Ally 02-24-2010 12:52 AM

plastic surgeon in olympia washington area..
Hi, i am new on
My name is Ally and i had 4 consultations already the last 6 months.

I recently found a doctor, his name is Dr. REUS in olympia and so i was wondering, if anybody knows this doctor?

I have been to Dr. Foley-cant get along with him for some reason
Dr. Antonio Mangubat- he is excelent, and so is the price
a doctor in california and
Dr Reus-which i am not sure yet.

I will have to have a tricky tummy tuck, since only the lower abdomen is pretty wrinkly after kids.None of them said, lipo is needed. However the prices vary like crazy and so i cant make a date yet.

Does anybody has a suggestion for me?

Thank you so much ladies

la_angel 02-25-2010 07:50 PM

Hello Ally and welcome to PSS! :)

I'm happy to hear you have been doing your research and already had four consultations. Many people just go with the first one they meet, but fortunately you aren't one of them! Besides just Olympia, Washington, have you researched other plastic surgeons in your state?

DrMangubat 03-03-2010 12:17 AM

Hi I'm Dr. Mangubat and I am new to PSS and I’m pleased to see frank discussions about a subject that I am passionate about.

I hope to clear up a misunderstanding; the last post implies that because I am capable of performing so many different procedures, I cannot really be a specialist. I have spent 23 years in practice studying and perfecting each procedure so I can deliver consistently good results.
I actually do perform all of these procedures several times a year. As with most typical cosmetic surgery practices, I mirror the national trends. Breast augmentation is most common followed by liposuction, tummy tuck and facial procedures.

You may be interested in knowing that I conduct a workshop to train other doctors on the latest methods of abdominoplasty. These new techniques were pioneered in Brazil in the late 1990s and I’ve made a few improvements of my own. The major advantages of this method are:

1. I can preserve virtually all blood vessels and nerves. The traditional abdominoplasty cuts most of them leaving less blood supply and permanent numbness.

2. I do NOT use drains. The traditional abdominoplasty requires leaving drains in place for 5-14 days. For those of you that have had these drains, you can confirm how uncomfortable they are.

3. I can simultaneously sculpt the abdomen with liposuction. The traditional abdominoplasty limits this significantly.

4. A real bonus is the recovery is twice as fast. My average patient’s time off work is only about 1 week.

So you can see that there are major advantages to the latest advances in abdominoplasty.

Lastly, it is critical for you and your surgeon to understand each other in order to achieve your goals. So I encourage exactly what you are doing; get the facts and make an informed decision. Assumptions can only lead to disappointment. My best patients are those that have taken the time to get educated on the procedures they seek. Education is worth the time for doctor and patient.

robyne00 03-03-2010 09:01 AM

Interesting that new member Ally makes her first post with a positive review about Dr. Mangubat, and then he posts advertising his surgical expertise. Hmm ... ;)

DrMangubat 03-04-2010 08:24 AM


Originally Posted by robyne00 (Post 5143)
Interesting that new member Ally makes her first post with a positive review about Dr. Mangubat, and then he posts advertising his surgical expertise. Hmm ... ;)

I'm not sure if you are implying that Ally is related to me in some way but other than possibly being a potential patient, I assure you, I do not know her in any other way.

My reason for posting is to respond to the implications of a prior post, "He can't be a tummy tuck specialist if he's also doing work on noses and hair too."

In reality, I perform the tummy tuck operation in a different way that I think offers significant advantages to the readers of this blog and I perform a lot of them annually. I'm not sure you can define that as being a specialist but it certainly does imply having satisfied patients. I train other doctors to perform in in the same way so I am not the only doctor that can offer it and I do not claim an exclusive. But in reading the blogs, it seems that bringing these new ideas to the table would be a benefit to your members as does having a direct conversation with the doctor.

Unlike other posters on PSS, I am not anonymous and I openly discuss my thoughts. I hope it is taken as a positive that I contribute my ideas. If you think it is not, I'm glad to bow out. Let me know your thoughts and if you wish to discuss that with me directly, call my office.

robyne00 03-04-2010 08:48 AM

As a professional in the field I must tell you, as I am sure you are aware, many posts and reviews are done by the surgeons themselves, office staff, or people they know on a personal level. This is the major reason why when forum posters are looking for a surgeon, they need to speak to true former patients and have legitimate in person consults. Not online consultations.

I appreciate the fact that you are not masquerading as a satisfied patient, but it seemed coincidential that "Ally" posted and then you did.

When a surgeon performs too many procedures, as I have said in the past, it is a major red flag. No one surgeon can be a specialist in everything.

robyne00 03-04-2010 08:56 AM

If "Ally" is willing to travel, there are many qualified surgeons that can achieve excellent results for her.

la_angel 03-04-2010 05:04 PM


I have spent 23 years in practice studying and perfecting each procedure so I can deliver consistently good results. I actually do perform all of these procedures several times a year.
Dr. Mangubat, with all due respect, take rhinoplasty for example... performing "several times a year" is far from enough to be a specialist at it. I think this quote covers it best:
“You have not learned anything about rhinoplasty until you have performed at least a thousand procedures and followed them for many years.” -Regan Thomas, MD
I do respect and appreciate that you are openly posting on PSS under your name to share your input. What robyne was referring to as being suspicious is (I think) that you showed up on the forum so quickly after the original post was made?

robyne00 03-04-2010 05:25 PM

Exactly, la_angel.

Gborchi 03-10-2010 06:17 PM

Dr. Tony Mangubat (Dr. Antonio Mangubat) is INCOMPETENT!!!

I read your post and I felt compelled to reply. I am a former patient of Dr. Tony Mangubat (“M”)(E. Antonio Mangubat, Southcenter Cosmetic Surgery - Seattle Plastic Surgery, Breast Implants, LAP-BAND & BOTOX ) and whatever you do, DO NOT become M’s patient. As I describe below, he is INCOMPETENT!! Before M was his currently advertised “breast implants, liposuction, tummy tuck” specialist, he was for years a hair transplant doctor. Although my HORRIBLE experience as a hair transplant patient of M does not provide you with direct advice about a tummy-tuck procedure, I urge you to read my story, or at least the articles in the links below before even considering M as your doctor.

As a hair transplant doctor, M did a number of “Brandy-style scalp reductions” surgeries on me (named after Dominic Brandy, Hope for Hair Loss. Hair Restoration & Hair Transplant Information from Dominic A. Brandy, MD) that left me SCARRED AND DISFIGURED!!!! D. Brandy was SUED for performing these procedures. Follow these links for news articles with the facts about this:

Business | Suit: Bad Hair Transplant Caused Suicide Attempt | Seattle Times Newspaper

Also follow this link below and scroll down for proof that Mangubat performed the procedures pioneered by Dominic Brandy:

1996 WAHRS Meeting Review

From the regrowth website: “a Brandy-style scalp lift with preservation of the occipital neurovascular bundle by Dr. Tony Mangubat, with assistance from Dr. Carlos Puig;”

At a minimum, you should ask M:

1. Although not related to tummy-tucks, ask M if he has he performed scalp reduction surgeries (called “Brandy scalp reduction procedures” after Dominic Brandy). If he doesn’t lie, the answer will be yes, because he has done this procedure on numerous victims, including me.

2. Ask him to show you before and after pictures of the “Brandy” procedures. If he dismisses your request (says that has nothing to do with your procedure) and refuses to show photos, ask yourself why is M refusing to show his own work? Is he hiding something??

Although your procedure is very different, you will get a very good idea of M’s HORRIBLE and INCOMPETENT work by seeing these pics. As I’ve described below, M butchered my scalp and left me with a horrible, thick horseshoe-shaped scar ¼ - ½ inch from 1 temple to the crown and back to the other temple with no hair growing there. Beware that pics may have hair combed over the scars, and this is nothing less than TOTALLY MISLEADING and a lie b/c it conceals the true result, i.e. SCARS all over the head!

With respect to pics, very Important: The before/after photos that some cosmetic surgeons show you are VERY MISLEADING because:
- Some doctors only show their best top 10% patients, and don’t show you the average result or, as in my case, the horrible results.
- The photos are typically low resolution, so e.g for hair transplants, they may not clearly show the hairline or may be in low light, thereby concealing the scars and the thin density and unnatural look of the transplants.

3. When M said that he has 23 years of experience, he of course conveniently forgot to mention that he spent many years as a hair transplant doctor. So you may want to ask him why performing hair transplants and scalp reduction surgeries should count as experience doing tummy-tucks??!!

Here’s the rest of my story:
I was in my 20s when I signed up as M’s patient. He suggested that I get 3-4 transplant sessions and 1-2 Scalp reduction surgeries (called “Brandy” scalp reduction procedures). The worst decision I ever made in my life was to follow M’s advice and have these procedures done. M left me SCARRED and DISFIGURED!!!!

My result was a horseshoe shaped scar ¼ - ½ inch thick and 6-8 inches long on each side from each temple to the crown!!!! I’ve had to undergo numerous reconstructive surgeries, spending over $20K, to reduce the scars.

As I mentioned above, Dominic Brandy was SUED for performing such scalp reduction surgeries:
Sunday, September 15, 1996 - Page updated at 12:00 AM

Suit: Bad Hair Transplant Caused Suicide Attempt

By Jeffrey Bair


PITTSBURGH - Michael Potkul says he was told he would have a scar no wider than the stroke of a pen if he underwent surgery to rearrange his scalp to get a full head of hair.

Instead, he claims, he ended up with scars from his temples to his neck and depression that drove him to attempt suicide. And he's still losing his hair.

Potkul, 33, took off his hairpiece yesterday to show the marks to a jury - including three men with thinning hair - that is hearing his $1.3 million malpractice lawsuit against Dr. Dominic A. Brandy.

Potkul said Brandy sugar-coated the risks of surgery and operated repeatedly despite the deterioration of his scalp. Brandy claims Potkul signed a consent form that mentioned scarring, then abandoned treatment before a final, essential operation.

"If you do enough cases, you're going to have patients here and there who will voice their displeasure in a courtroom," said Jerry Brandy, the doctor's brother and executive director of his practice.

Potkul said he contacted Dominic Brandy six years ago after seeing him on a talk show. Potkul's hair was beginning to thin, and his brothers were being teased about going bald.

"Everything depends on looks. You can turn on the TV at night and see 30 infomercials about everything you can do to your body - diet videos, all that stuff. I wanted to look like everybody else. I wanted to look good," Potkul said during a break in the trial in Allegheny County Court.

Brandy performed five operations to stretch hairy skin from the back of Potkul's head to the top and to transfer grafts of hairy scalp to cover bald spots, Potkul said. The sixth operation would have been another scalp graft.

But Potkul said he was so depressed by the results of the first five operations that he shot himself in the chest in 1992. The bullet missed his heart and went out his back.

Brandy severed key arteries as he tried to stretch Potkul's scalp, stunting hair growth instead of encouraging it, said Dr. Ernest Manders, Potkul's new plastic surgeon. He said he is reluctant to alter Potkul's scalp any more because the skin could die.

Manders said that, as an associate editor of a medical journal, he once rejected an article submitted by Brandy on scalp reconstruction because the methods were "potentially harmful" and had "significant limitations."

Brandy has been in practice for 15 years and runs an ad campaign for his services in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida.

"Dominic Brandy is a salesman who just happens to have a medical degree," Potkul said. "He really needs somebody to come along and wake him up to what he is doing and make him clean up his act."

Copyright (c) 1996 Seattle Times Company, All Rights Reserved.
I did a few quick searches and found M in his own words praising the “benefits” of scalp reduction surgery (see below). This kind of surgery (the Brandy procedure) is what left me totally scarred and disfigured!! Not to mention that Brandy was SUED for doing these procedures!! So much for the “benefits”!!

M’s own words speak volumes on his incompetence and the fact that he’s clueless and oblivious to the harm he’s done to many like me. Here are the links:

Global Convocation on Hair Restoration Surgery - Monday

The Rise and Fall of Scalp Flaps, Reductions and Lifts

[Tony Mangubat of Seattle, WA is one of the leading doctors performing scalp reductions. "I've noticed in the Seattle area over the last two years a fall in the area of scalp reductions... I was a little disappointed in it, and I was almost upset until I started looking at it in a more objective way... the answer to this question becomes very clear." Dr.Mangubat outlined his feelings on reductions and why he thinks the number of doctors performing the procedure has decreased. "We want fast results, we want a home run.. Managed care has caused an influx of newcomers. The fact is I make more income off of hair transplants than scalp lifting, so from a financial point of view maybe it's not such a bad idea..." The fall has been precipitated by an influx of newcomers due to doctors who are earning less due to managed care and HMOs. "These are all victims of our new managed care society," said Dr. Mangubat. Doctors coming in have been resistent to learning reductions, flaps, and lifts due to the steeper learning curve, greater risks, and marketing against reductions. The number of doctors performing are remaining steady, but the number of doctors coming into transplants are growing, so the overall percentage are lower.]

If I could do it over again, I would have NEVER trusted M and NEVER let M lay a hand on me. Instead, I would have just accepted my hairloss and not permitted M to butcher my head!! I would have shaved my head while we wait for a cure.

Unfortunately, M left me with huge scars on my head and so I can’t just shave my head. Instead I’m forced to wear concealers to hide the ugly scars on my head. Anyone considering M DOES NOT have to go through what I’ve been through. So I strongly recommend that YOU STAY AWAY FROM MANGUBAT!!!!

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