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chapstickaddict 02-23-2008 04:58 PM

mushrooms the newest age erasers?
Fungus? What? Wouldn't that be bad for your skin?

On MSN's homepage today there was a thing titled "6 surprising ways to look younger" and knowing me I just had to click. One of them was applying mushrooms to your skin. The say fungi-filled face products are the newest age erasers so they claim.

"Antioxidant-rich mushrooms decrease inflammation that leads to wrinkling and a loss of firmness, and they don't cause irritation," says Marta Rendon, MD, of the University of Miami School of Medicine.

They also say some types of mushrooms, but not all, have enzymes in them that speed cell turnover rate and slow down the collagen breakdown process. This improves the tone and texture. I haven't heard of this before has anyone used or let alone seen any mushroom skin care products at the store? I bet it won't be long before every skin care product you see starts saying it's enhanced with mushroom extracts, they're always some hot ingredient every year they try and shove down our throats.

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