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robyne00 06-06-2010 08:27 AM

Treatment Options for Skin Tags
What Are The Treatment Options For Skin Tags?

sabrina 07-19-2011 09:54 PM

Hi there,
Is there any good one remedy for the better skin and have the good one products to have the non-oily and beautiful skin ...?? I have oily skin and want to get rid of this one problem...

Julian 09-13-2012 03:52 AM

Skin tags treatment options are usually based on the principle of cutting off the blood supply to the tag. That can be done by freezing the tag, or mechanically blocking blood to it, by using a thread around the base of it. Sounds strange, but both options work great, and actually - have a lower recurring rate in comparison to the laser procedure most doctors use.penny auctions

Reha 04-28-2014 10:39 PM

Found this medical news today site informative.

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