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sylvia 09-06-2009 10:05 PM

Scar revision after tummy tuck?
I am considering a tummy tuck but a friend of mine had to get a scar revision surgery because the resulting scarring was so ugly after her surgery. What advice do you guys have on plastic surgery forum about doing a revision on these types of scars? Are there any things I can do post-op to try and prevent this problem so it doesn't happen and I avoid it altogether?

cici 10-08-2009 09:22 PM

I'm not saying you shouldn't consider scar revision but you need to be careful because some skin types just don't have an improvement. The reason is that it will look good right after surgery but in the months following the tissue will stretch back out while its healing. Remember this area is week the first few months as the new skin and tissue grows in. I have heard of this problem before when it comes to revision. If I were you I would also considering using a topical scar remover. I know Mederma makes one that you can get at any drugstore that uses onion bulb extract as an ingredient but the other one you should consider are those that use silicone cream. They don't know why but for some reason it can help a lot with healing scar tissue.

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