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magicpoop 04-05-2013 03:30 AM

Surgical excision on wrists...
Hi all,

Iím wanting to have some tattoos on my wrists removed. Now Iíve had a consultation with a dermatologist who performs laser removal, and I wasnít really happy with the whole process. The pain, 10+ times for decent removal, the chance that it wonít completely remove the tattoo and many other problems. So Iím wanting to have the tattoos excised. I like idea of only having one or two procedures with complete removal, and the scarring problem does not bother me at all.

Now to my question. Iíve called around all the local plastic surgeons, and it appears that not everyone will perform the procedure. Which has me a little concerned to be honest. Does anyone know of any particular reasons why some Doctors wonít perform the procedure? Is it dangerous in anyway, or is it just the scarring that concerns them?

Take Care

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