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GeorgeMarcells 12-04-2012 12:30 AM

Bad Scar
I can best describe my scar, as an irregular, bad scar. Basically in all my scar revisions. My scar has opened. I recently went to a DR that suggested to do half my scar. He suggested Botox the area first, and during healing time Botox again, as to not allow any movement, since I already have history of having dissolvable stitches opening my scar somehow. Maybe its my oily skin, and Hispanic skin,I'm not dark olive complexion, more towards the yellowish side.. Not sure if that plays a role in this. Some doctors say yes. But I just want to know after reading so many different alternative, such as acid drops directly to the depressed scars,to create collagen. or dermabrasion/lasers to even skin. I'm wondering if another scar revision is my best bet. My scar is different color from my skin tone and it's depressed so more obvious because of these two factors, hard to camouflage. Im wondering if a little sanding can minimize it. Or collagen/S shots (i think) to raise the depressed scar. I also have my left cheek, that has undergone different techniques to minimize the acne scar, and they have just worsened the situation. My last surgery was 2 Years ago for both cheek and forehead. I'm wondering since its not really that bad, my acne scars on cheek. If dermabrasion is a good choice. That I haven't done yet.

Please give me some information on what you believe is best for someone like me. Who apparently does not react well to any procedures.

Thank You! George :)

smithmaria407 12-10-2012 12:40 AM

You should contact to a good doctor which have specialisation in such field or visit to good clinic near by you and take advice from there. Or you can also visit the clinic in the link, its really good one.

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