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sickgal888 10-02-2011 10:05 PM

Plastic Surgery for lifting mole

I have a mole with diameter approx 1cm right at the back of my right leg near the ankle. It was dark brown with few hair on the center. I have tried Quanta laser procedures in order to remove it for 3 consecutive years. Though, for the first year I only did the laser procedure once since I have go to work abroad. For the next 2 consecutive years, I thoroughly did the laser procedures with 8 weeks interval according to the doctor recommendation.

However, the result especially during the third year shows very little progress. When I did the laser procedure for the first time, the result was clearly shown with the outer part of the mole turned white colored as the skin around it. Yet, after 3 years the progress is very little. The color of the mole is of lighter brown but with very insignificant change of the mole part.

Thus, I decide to take another option which is plastic surgery to remove the mole all at once. I have visited a quite renowned plastic surgery doctor in my area. Unfortunately, the outcome is not really convincing for me to undergo plastic surgery.

The doctor explained that it is always the most challenging for plastic surgeons around the world to do correction on legs. The scar resulted from the surgery is not going to be easily disappear. Even it could take years for the stitches to appear almost the same colored with the surrounding skin and in some cases it will look like scar as the stitches turn into darker skin colored. She also explains the procedures which for me sounds like a lot of work just to remove a small mole. First, the leg part has to be wrapped tightly with a bandage since skin on legs has the less ability of stretching thus it would effect the outcome. Then, I have to lift up my leg while sitting for couple of weeks. Even it took like 10weeks and could be more to remove stitches. And possibility of bleeding while walking.

My question is should I still better move on with the laser procedures as it might be a much slower process but with better and smoother result? I also believe that the doctor that undergo the laser applied a very little energy of laser unto the mole. As once, I was handled by his assistant and she applied different energy of laser which resulted in a different outcome. There were more skin peeled than the doctor did. Is Quanta laser is good enough for removing mole or is there any other laser that is stronger thus, quicker?

Thank You kindly for reading my long mail above. Your reply is highly appreciated.


bretj 09-20-2012 09:09 PM

Hi, you can definitely go with laser treatment to getting that mole removed. There are many reliable sources out there, you just have to sort out one. Shortlist number of sources initially, to start with i can give you the name Cosmetic Surgery & Dermatology | Eyelid Surgery & Laser Skin Resurfacing - Fairview Laser Clinic Toronto, ON.

Reha 06-05-2014 02:54 AM

Laser treatment will be very effective for mole removal.

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