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XiangNi 09-29-2011 10:07 AM

Chances of New Keloid Following Excision?
I hope someone who's experienced this treatment method can help.

I have a small-ish keloid on my chest, between my collar bones. On yesterday, I visited a plastic surgeon who specializes in correction surgeries for patients of my racial background. After examining it, he told me that since my keloid will not grow anymore and is not irritated, I have two options...1) Do nothing or, 2) have the keloid excised and monitor it very closely for reoccurrence. He said that if I elect to do the surgery, he will use tiny excision equipment, small sutures and end with a hormone injection to lessen the likelihood of new keloiding. He told me that following the removal I must watch it carefully in the first few months because the area may require more injections or even radiation therapy. After a year and no reoccurrence, he said, I should be in the clear.

I've read of so many horror stories on the net written by folks who had surgery and the keloids returned-- bigger! Since mine is small, I am weighing the risks of the procedure (is it worth it). Please respond if you have had keloid removal surgery. Did is grow back? If so, was that in spite of you following an MD's post-procedure therapy plan? Do you regret having it done?

Signed~ "So Nervous"

miyuki 01-30-2012 12:15 AM


I haven't had a scar revision yet but am looking into the procedure. From what I have read, keloids do have a considerable reoccurrence rate. However, your doctor has already mentioned some of the options which are available to decrease the likelihood of it returning. Localized radiation therapy is thought to decrease reoccurrence rates to around 20%. With close supervision, you may experience improvement. If it is very noticeable now, I'd say it is worth the risk.

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