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GatoradeLank 04-24-2011 02:56 PM

Pics Included - Recommendations on Scar Revision?
Hi! I had an abdominal surgery when I was 17 to save my life. It left me with a 6in vertical scar. I'm a 22 year old male now, and I wish to get rid of it (hopefully)!
Here is my scar:

I have pale skin. My scar isn't really raised at all, and the lowest 2 inches or so of the scar are "attached" to the abdominal wall it seems. I'm thinking about scar revision, NOT a tummy tuck or whatever the horizontal scar thing is.

Anyone had experience with scar revision? Were you pleased? General thoughts on the effectiveness of scar revision? I'm hungry for your feedback guys! = ) I' also planning on using silicone sheets after the fact.

Ideally, I'd be getting a reduction of the coloring/rigidness of the scar so that it would be flat. Also, it would blend in with the rest of my abdomen, to the point where my abdominal hair would cover it up.

Thanks guys! <3

GatoradeLank 04-28-2011 11:08 AM

Bump! Anyone alive on this forum? Don't be shy!! = )

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