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ziggyonthezide 03-03-2008 01:01 PM

What's the best makeup to cover up scars with?
Being that I'm a dude this is difficult to do so can any of you point me in the right direction of the best makeup to use on scars? There's this one I heard about in the past that's made just for scars, people wiht medical conditions like my keloids. I cant remember the name of it tho. I know the sell it at major department stores and places like that but I'm afraid to be seen hanging out at the makeup counter while I'm asking around for it hahaha. I really just wanna run in there buy it and leave lol. Does anyone know what makeup thsi is I'm thinking of? It's waterproof and I think is only used to cover scars tattoos and that type of stuff.


desperatehousewife 03-05-2008 06:48 PM

The Dermablend makeup reviews I've heard haven't said anything bad about the stuff. I guess this kind of goes against your discreet thing but if you were up for it you could go to the makeup counter and they'll put on a free sample for you? Why don't you do that. I get where you're coming from so just do it in a way that's playful. Have a drink or two and go with your girlfriend or a girl and act like you guys are just messing around there for fun. If someone were to see you that will explain it. If you want to be really safe you can do this and go to a store 50 miles away! You should be safe don't sweat it. Remember most of the things we worry about the most never happen. :)

ziggyonthezide 03-07-2008 04:28 AM

Thanks! For real thank you a lot you gave me a new way to look at it! I'm going to try that. You're right there's no reason to be embaressed if I do it that way. Agian thank you for that idea I never thought of that!

GAURAV 06-16-2009 04:46 AM

Scars are a unique imperfection as they are damaged skin with no pores. This causes a scar to resist the standard style foundations on the market. For dramatic scars your best bet is specialized scar cover up found at most dermatologist offices. If you only have a small scar, you will want to use the driest foundation you can find. Apply moisturizer over the scar first. Then place powder over the moisturizer, before the foundation. This combination of moisturizer and powder will help the cover up to stick to the scar. Then, cover the scar with the foundation and blend the edges.

Some application for best makeup to cover up scars with:

* Thoroughly clean your face, making sure all of yesterday’s makeup is removed.
* Apply a moisturizer if needed.
* Start with your basic foundation in the sheerest formula you can handle.
* Apply a thin layer over the entire face. This will instantly even your skin tone and some can even stop here.
* Next, apply extra coverage where you need it. This can be with a thicker foundation stick or cream, or you can also use the same sheer foundation with a heavier layer.
* Build this process in layers until you achieve the level of smooth complexion you desire.

After you have completed your application, test your look in a variety of lights. Look at your reflection in the hallway mirror and even take your compact outside for a natural light check. Touch up or blend away if needed. Different lights will greatly affect how your cover up ultimately looks. As a face is not flat, shadows affect your appearance in low light and outside lighting tends to show a more natural you.

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