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newnosey00 12-16-2009 05:01 PM

Post-Rhinoplasty results and expectations
So before my surgery, I'd had to blow my nose about 10x a day. I had a deviated septum, my nose was crooked, and it had a bump.

The doctor supposedly fixed the deviated septum, but I still have to blow my nose quite often. It's been almost 4 months since the surgery. If the surgery worked, then I shouldn't have to blow my nose as often, correct? And for the most part, there is only stuff coming out of the one side, just like before surgery. So this leads me to believe that the septum is still deviated. Or is it possible that the effects of fixing the deviated septum won't take effect yet?

Right after the surgery my nose was still a little crooked. It has improved a lot as the swelling went down. I guess it can potentially continue to straighten out? If my nose was indeed made perfectly straight during the surgery, how long could it take for it to appear straight (I've heard that it can take even up to year)?

What are some reasons that the fixing of a deviated septum doesn't work? And breathing problems still exist?

Also, as far as the bump goes. It looks almost perfect, but there is still a small bump there (very hard to see, so no complaints, really). My question is, should there be ANY bump at all? I mean, isn't the bone shaved? Or is the bump kind of like hammered out, so that it'll never be perfectly smooth?

Sorry for so many questions!!


la_angel 12-16-2009 07:40 PM

There's a lot of questions here so let me know if I forget any :)

The nose blowing and deviated septum shouldn't have anything to do with each other. Did you have your turbinates removed? If so read this post about turbinate reduction surgery and how it can make your nasal drainage worse.

If it still looks slightly crooked than it probably is. If it was bad before (it sounds like it was) then I'm not shocked that it wasn't corrected all the way. I have heard that lateral movement of a slanted septum is not easy.

About the the bump on your nose the doctor may have left some of it. Did you tell him you wanted it to look completely different or only a subtle improvement? From what I understand the bump is shaved like you said, but the surgeon also breaks the septum with a mallet to manipulate it. For the steps done between those two things, I'm not completely sure. Someone else on the forum should be able to answer this part better than me ;)

BTW what made you choose the "00" at the end of your username, we have someone else here with that too :)

newnosey00 12-16-2009 07:45 PM

Thanks for your response! I had my turbinates either made larger or smaller, I forget. I had them improved, so whichever way improves them.

But I used to have to blow my nose a little more often pre-surgery. So there is some improvement. But, I want to be normal and not have to blow my nose at all. Or maybe just once a day. I'm very allergic to dust mites also but, I don't think that dust is the main cause. I could be wrong though. I really need to do a lot of experimental work to root out the dust factor.

robyne00 12-18-2009 08:56 PM

I would need to see pics to fairly assess your nose.

Regarding tubinates, they shouldn't be altered or removed AT ALL! I posted the following to another forum member who was having difficulties after having them removed:

"You should never mess with turbinates, as they serve a major function ... warming the air that you are inhaling, that then goes into your lungs. Some doctors do remove them if they are swollen, but it is a bad idea.

One of my medical websites states the following: "Removing turbinates is a bad idea. If you did, you would have dryness, crusting and sensations of burning pain. Doctors have therefore come up with various ways to reduce the blockage of your nasal passages without removing your turbinates and their cilia."

Any additional questions are welcomed.

la_angel 12-22-2009 09:06 PM

Yes, if you could post pictures we would be able to assist you further, newnosey00. Remember you can crop out the rest of the face or block it out to protect your privacy.

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