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hairpro 12-14-2009 05:25 PM

Best African American rhinoplasty surgeons?
I am a 34 year old African American female and have been diligently researching rhinoplasty surgeons the past few months. My nose is something I have always wanted to change. I want a thinner nose but I am not trying to ďwhitenĒ myself. I am proud of my African heritage and do not want to take that away. I see pictures of Sammy Sosa and Lil Kim with their changing faces and want to make sure I donít end up like they do! I am a successful working professional and do not want my associates to think I look different.

Who are the best African American rhinoplasty surgeons in the country? I am based in Atlanta but am willing to travel if needed. What I want to change the most about my nose is the tip which is very wide. I don't want it to be pencil thin but I donít like it being so prominent.

One of the biggest problems Iíve had in my research is sorting through fake doctor reviews. I donít know for sure but it looks like a lot of the reviews I see are written by the doctors or someone working for them.

Below is a picture of my nose right now-

If any African America female can verify firsthand that a rhinoplasty surgeon did their nose, can post before and after pictures and prove they are not getting a kickback from the doctor I would like to hear from you.

robyne00 12-14-2009 06:16 PM

I am not an African American female (I'm actually a Norwegian immigrant who is a US citizen :)), but I will do some research for you. One of my African American colleagues had rhinoplasty, and it looks excellent. She also did not want to "look white" or freaky.

la_angel 12-16-2009 07:25 PM

From what I hear African American rhinoplasty can be tricky, especially if the nose tip (nasal domes) are large. How it works is the surgeon actually re-stitched these domes together (the left and right) so they are closer together, and therefore more narrow. Doing this by a large amount is always a challenge for black or white.

I think you have an advantage though. Your skin on your nose looks like it's thick which is a good thing for rhinoplasty. If the skin is too thin the cartilage grafts can peek through and show (like another thread points out).

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