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France5914 12-05-2009 02:52 PM

My consult with Dr. Le in Baltimore
I had posted a thread a while back asking if anyone had had any experience with Dr.Le,I didnt really get a response. I booked my consult to see if he was a good fit for me.

Some brief history, first time i had nose done was at 18, im 29 now. Didnt love the result to say the least, still have felt self conscious about it and recently started having problems breathing so i started to do some research...

I am from PA and took a trip to Baltimore.. When i got there he led us into a exam room, he was very nice and open. Made a few jokes, to ease my nerves. He examined my nose and we talked about what i would want done. We then took some pictures, about 20 or so. He the went in his office to set up a recreation of what i would look like with a smaller nose.

This took him some time, it wasnt done in ten minutes. After we went into his office and we sat in front of the computer. We went over a power point of how rhinoplasty is done, how surgeons use angles in determining what would suit a face. Really very interesting, and i am not squeamish so i could look at the pictures. After that, we looked at before and after pictures, starting with some that reminded him of me, in my look and what i wanted to get done. We looked at a variety of before and afters. We talked some more about my nerves, billings, insurance, and what not. the whole consult lasted a little over two hours. It was very thorough and i felt very confident with his skill level.

He is going to send me my picture with the nose so i can mull it over some more. I am scared, to get it done again for more reasons then just the look of it. So if i can figure out how to pay for it i will most likely go with him. My father went with me to the consult and was also impressed with Dr.Le.

So we will see....

just wanted to share my experience.

la_angel 12-06-2009 02:55 PM

Thanks for sharing!

robyne00 12-06-2009 04:58 PM

I prefer to see actual photos.

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