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johneeee 05-22-2009 12:17 PM

IS there a doctor out there who can help me, PLEASE!!!!! AAAAGGGHHHH!!!!!!!
<img src="">

I had my nose done in 1997 by Burres and he completely crushed my large bridge, taking it down from an Adrien Brodie to a Michael Jackson non existant bridge, for lack of a better term, a very operated on bridge, fake looking. I went in for 5 MORE REVISIONS!!!! Done without putting me under so I could look right at him while he was grinding up my nose... pure hell!!! honestly. I ended up with the pic above after he build the bridge up a bit and did some work to shave down the cartiledge.

Looks are more important to me now that I am doing in front of the camera work...

I really don't know what to do at this point, leave it like this and be rugged good looking or get it done super cool looking and as perfect as possible if this is an option, I was hoping by Dr. Kanodia, I think the only I trust in his philosophy and history. I don't know, my nose dooesn't look operated on, at least that is good, but it looks jacked now, there is a dent in the bridge where I got like laser surfacing stuff done to it to get rid of some of hte red little tiny veins from doing so much rhinoplasty, and it somehow made a little dent on my already freakin bumpy bridge, it is kind of a mess... (dent seen in second pic, above, only apparent in certain lighting like this)

can anyone help me figure out if I should go to a new doctor and IF THERE IS A DOCTOR OUT THERE who can actually do a good job, or do they ALL SUCK???? Should I go in and have it done one last time by the best, and if so who is the best that I could trust?? or should I leave it alone and just work out a ton and go with that look?

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