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ayoayo 04-09-2009 06:08 PM

Los Angeles - male
Hi guys,
From what I've been reading over a few weeks now, I would say that the work I need done is relatively extensive. I believe I have a deviated septum, as well as wanting a pretty good deal of cosmetic rhinoplasty work done. At least immediately upon glancing, I have an oval shaped face, but a very harsh/rugged (overly) nose.

It seems I was almost ready to go visit Dr. Kanodia, but I have been reading some terrible reviews. I would definitely not want an unethically rushed procedure/consultation for that matter.

I was expecting not to spend over, say, $8,000 for the whole deal, but now it seems some of these L.A./BH doctors are charging some ridiculous fees for rhinoplasty. I was thinking, before having read the reviews, that well... if I had to spend around $15,000 even, I would do it, but after being pretty convinced (not sure how I would really be convinced though) about the doctor and his work. I have a pretty good idea of how I would like the nose to look, but am also very open to learning about the procedure and the doctors' own measurements, etc.

So, I've been thinking I probably do not want to spend $15,000 any more, seeing as it may be foolish. Are there any top notch doctors in L.A. or Chicago/NY that do not charge in the crazy ranges?? Dr. Torioumi I hear is great, but then 2 posts say his fees are also astronomical. So who is left?

I want somebody patient and willing to give it their best effort, to my specs!

Any ideas? So I'm thinking somebody should be ableo to do something for not much more than $8,000 maybe.

Thanks for any input on my lengthy post.

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