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sunflower 06-08-2013 01:37 AM

Dr. Richard Davis - Miramar, Florida
Hi everyone,

I've been seeking a revision for quite some time now. I have a list of a few surgeons I'm currently interested in, though mostly based on their before/afters, rather than actual research. One of the surgeons that I have been interested in is Dr. Richard Davis in Miramar. I've gathered some information on him and I've spoken to a few patients and those who have consulted with him, via MMH and RealSelf. So far, I've only gotten replies from a few, generally recent (happy) patients, but I'd like to hear from more. I've also heard some negative and mixed reviews, but I haven't been lucky enough to get a response from these people.

If anybody has any information on Dr. Richard Davis, links, opinions, anything, please let me know/contact me. I'm also open to any recommendations for other surgeons, any help would be greatly appreciated!

My biggest issue with my nose is uneven nostrils (one looks a bit collapsed) and uneven tip. I'm also not sure if my columella is a bit off.

Thanks in advance! :D

amhary 06-21-2013 03:48 AM

Nose surgery Cost
The surgeon's fee does not include the cost of the operating facility, such as a surgical center or hospital, nor does it include the cost of anesthesia or any medications you might be required to purchase. You can also expect some cost variations if you are having both reconstructive nose surgery and cosmetic nose surgery done at the same time. Just remember, choose a surgeon based on skills, reputation, experience and training and not just on the lowest cost. Where a patient decides to experience nose reshaping surgery can have a noteworthy effect on the general cost of the method. The office charges can extend anyplace from $500-$2000, contingent upon the area of the office, length of operation, and measure of time for post-agent consideration. Expansive urban areas, for example New York and Leos Angles on normal have both higher office expenses and surgeon expenses.

Nose Right Directions of use

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