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revisionrhinoplasty 04-16-2013 05:08 AM

The reasons why ethnic rhinoplasty is a challenge for every surgeon
Rhinoplasty, or a nose job, which is performed catering to the specific needs of a specific ethnicity is referred to as ethnic rhinoplasty; it is a challenge because the surgeon has to keep in mind various factors such as retaining the basic ethnic features of the patientís nose. Firstly, an understanding of the preferred aesthetic goal is vital. As soon as the surgeon achieves this understanding after having a discussion about the individual's ethnic background then an analysis of the facial features and desires is required. Ethnic patients are likely to have different strengths of nose cartilage, different nasal bone lengths, and different thickness of the nasal skin; hence all these factors can have repercussion in the rhinoplasty procedure.

Thick nasal skin makes alteration of the nasal tip difficult since the thick skin conceals the underlying cartilages of the nasal tip. As a result, the surgeon has to use a number of techniques to attain nasal tip refinement in case of an ethnic rhinoplasty patient. The reshaping of your nasal tip cartilages is done by trimming some extra cartilage and stitching it later. If more alteration is needed, the cartilage from your nasal septum can be used to accomplish additional refinement of the nasal tip. Also, the presence of thick nasal skin in the ethnic rhinoplasty is also bound to affect the healing process. It takes about a year to actually witness the refined appearance of the nasal tip because the thick nasal skin remains swelled up for a longer period of time as compared to thinner nasal skin.

Every ethnic rhinoplasty, whether Asian, Hispanic or Middle Eastern rhinoplasty, are performed in such a way that the final outcome fits your face. In short, the surgeon takes into consideration that your overall appearance of the nose is in harmony with your facial features. This is the reason that facial plastic surgery is customized for everyone instead of conducting it in a "cookie cutter" style. Lastly, your ethnicity is considered during the consultation along with discussing your desires from the surgery.

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