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revisionrhinoplasty 02-27-2013 10:41 PM

All you need to know about Hispanic rhinoplasty
Hispanic are the people of Portuguese, Spanish, South and Central American inheritance. It also comprises of some Caribbean countries such as Cuba, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico and The Dominican Republic. Before approaching a doctor for Hispanic rhinoplasty New York, collect enough information about the unique characteristics of a Hispanic nose. A Hispanic nose is identified by a thick skin with ample of fibrofatty tissue, wider nostrils and a broad, bulging nasal tip.

Rhinoplasty in Hispanic patients is very diverse as most of the Hispanic populations include multiple cultures. This is because in the past a lot of diverse groups became integrated into Hispanic populations. As a result, you may not find a typical Hispanic nose from Central America to be similar to South America or the Carribean islands. Nevertheless, the majority of Hispanic patients expect to get a narrower nose and nostrils after the rhinoplasty surgery. Nose jobs New York might interest you if you want to correct your nose defects, while retaining your ethnicity.

This specific kind of surgery needs more effort than other non-Hispanic Rhinoplasty procedures. The Hispanic patients are given limited grafting in order to give more strength to a droopy tip. The patients having flatter noses will get benefit from a small graft so that the bridge of the nose gets heightened.Women who have thick skin and long face usually require supplementary tip grafts for getting more refined tip. However, the use of this graft is avoided in men, patients with thin skin or round faces.

The narrowing of nostrils is done with the help of different techniques, based on the extent of narrowing needed for a particular patient. The Hispanic ethnicity may differ greatly in the thickness, sebaceous quality, prominent nasal bridge, skin pigmentation, shape of the tip cartilages and width of the nostrils. All of these characteristics will determine that which operative procedure to opt for to get the desired results.

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