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revisionrhinoplasty 02-20-2013 03:03 AM

Revision rhinoplasty for mending a nose job gone wrong
Although most of the mistakes are unalterable, some can be rectified too. A bad nose job, also known as rhinoplasty, can also get fixed with the help of an additional surgery known as revision rhinoplasty. It is mostly offered to those whose nose surgery did not happen as expected. With the help of this procedure your failed surgery can be turned into a success. In order to undergo a revision rhinoplasty the patients first need to identify their problems. The majority of patients bring out the common concerns such as a constant hump, a saddle-nose defect, an excessively broad nasal tip, etc. Some other problems can be listed as alar retraction, nasal valve collapse, scar tissue and persistent deviated septum.

As soon as the main problem is recognized, along with other issues needing amendments, a practical surgical plan is laid out. The patient should be aware of that after each surgery a scar tissue is formed, and it makes tricky to predict the outcome of an additional surgery. However, patients who have reasonable and rational expectations from a surgery can be considered the right candidate for revision rhinoplasty. Revision rhinoplasty may possibly entail more operating time as compared to the earlier rhinoplasty since the dissection must be scrupulous.

Grafting may be required to restructure the nasal bridge or giving more potency to the nose. In some rare cases, cartilage from the nasal septum can be taken. But, if this is not adequate then cartilage from the ear can be used without bringing any change to the appearance of the ear. Moreover, artificial dermis can also be used to make the nasal skin thick that got retracted because of earlier surgery. You need to give your nose the appropriate time to heal before you decide to go through a revision rhinoplasty.

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