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Kitty1224 01-27-2013 07:57 PM

Closed rhinoplasty 1/29. Nervous!
It's great to read forums here. I am pretty nervous about three things:

1. Vomiting after surgery. My surgeon gives a patch for anti nausea that lasts 72 hours.
2. Freaking out and feeling like I can't breathe (will have cast but no packing). Humidifier straws and fan ready.
3. I had a laryngospasm under general a few years ago when they removed the breathing tube. I guess it scraped my throat. They gave me epi.

I will be sure to pass these concerns to all staff on Tuesday but welcome your thoughts/advice.

Thank you!!!:uh oh:

Kitty1224 01-29-2013 10:32 PM

All went well. Nurses were fantastic. Absolutely no issues. I'm about 8 hours out. When I woke I had a dry throat and my nostrils felt like they burned when I breathed. Pain is very tolerable. Already bruised quite a bit but taking arnica and icing. Still bleeding a bit and changing gauze every hour or so.

I had a closed rhino. No packing.

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