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perna 09-22-2012 12:30 AM

Most reputable and experienced US docs for revision
Hello all! Like many, I have been dealing with a frustrating surgical result. It's been several years since my second surgery. The first one was just fine, but I then had an accident and went in to get things straightened. The results are asymmetrical, which I think is actually the result of a dog leaping right at my face not long after the surgery :( I have ear cartilage on the sides but it's wider on one side than on the other. The cartilage could probably still be reused though....I've heard talk of that being possible I think? I also have a pretty bad columella scar. My expectations aren't all that high, I just want it symmetrical!

I know that finding the right surgeon for me is an individual process, and that it's not one size fits all. But I'm hoping people might be able to suggest who the better revision people are. I've done a lot of reading and have some ideas. The moderator here seems particularly straightforward so I thought I'd reach out.

I am on the West Coast but will travel if the absolute best person for me specifically isn't here. I've seen one California doctor who said he wouldn't do a surgery due to my having had health problems that involve inflammation. He told me to see what other surgeons said.

Thank you so much, I still have hope!

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