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BreannaRay 06-29-2012 10:31 AM the plastic surgery marketplace. The future of plastic surgery.
Lets start a discussion thread on this. Their corporate sponsor is PayPal. I just went to their website and this is the patient information they have posted for us:

A patient on will enjoy access to the highest quality health care for a market determined cost in a HIPAA compliant environment. This system was designed to allow you to connect with the best doctors & surgeons for your procedure type worldwide from the privacy of your own home. Patient surgical procedures are uploaded on Dr.PODS and member surgeons compete for these cases through bidding. Once you have posted your case, uploaded your anonymized medical records, and received several bids… It’s now time to start the interview process. You can communicate with each different prospective bidding doctor office through the workroom that is created when a doctor places a bid on your procedure. Here all of your questions, negotiations, and feedback will be documented to provide a completely transparent medical relationship between patient and doctor. After you refine your search down to a few select doctors that meet your performance criteria, you can schedule your virtual coordinator appointment through the bid management area in your profile.

This will allow you to meet and speak with the Doctors office staff prior to making your final doctor selection. Here the surgeon’s office can help you coordinate your experience and travel arrangements, answer questions, and address concerns. When you select your surgeon you will make a 10% down payment through PAYPAL to secure your appointment. Once you arrive at your destination you will have your physical consultation with the doctor prior to surgery. Then the remaining balance payment will be made through PAYPAL, and your surgery will be scheduled. The length of time between physical consultation and surgery date is usually 2 days. After the surgery and recovery are complete you will be able to share your experience with the world through your before and after photos and feedback posted to the surgeons profile. Congratulations! You are now a successful member of the world’s only free-market surgery system.

marrie11 08-27-2012 12:02 AM

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traveltoursx 11-04-2014 12:50 AM

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