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HarryLime 06-27-2012 05:21 PM

Advice on Revision (Seattle area)
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I had a rhinoplasty/mentoplasty on 8/1/11 with Wayne Larrabee in Seattle, so I'm basically at 11 months. It was a massive reduction; I had a huge nose in terms of projection, and asked the doctor to reduce projection as much as possible. He also brought out the dorsal height, and put in some grafts to widen. In his words, he did about 95% of what a surgeon can do to a nose. I'm very pleased about the projection reduction, and the dorsal height increase is a beautiful touch. See the pictures to get an idea of of much of a reduction we're talking about.

But at 11 months, the tip is still pretty bulbous. And as I've tried to capture, there's a strong assymetry; the cartilage on the left side of the tip is puffy, undefined, and gives the nostril sort of an odd curve. The right side looks "correct" to my eyes.

My question(s): could the bulbousness just be swelling? I know that it usually dies down by this point, but this was a pretty major job. Also, if I want to correct the assymetry (and the bulbousness, if necessary), should I go back to Larrabee, or look at someone else (maybe Naficy)?

I asked Larrabee about the assymetry, and he said he could correct it under local, but that if it were his nose, he probably wouldn't bother. Well, I want to bother. I just don't know how much "blame" to attribute to Larrabee for the assymetry/bulbous qualities, or how much of that is just a natural part of the operation. If he does the revision, I only pay anesthesia plus facility fees, which is attractive.

I'd really appreciate answers, or any comments on the work generally, no matter how candid.

The picture labeled 'midway' was taken about 3-4 months after the procedure; just included to give readers an idea of what I look like.


HarryLime 06-27-2012 06:44 PM

Just for some context, here's Larrabee's bio. He's ridiculously well-qualified.

Dr. Larrabee :: Facial Plastic Surgery Specialist | Larrabee Center

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