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spottedwoof 06-17-2012 10:54 AM

2nd revsion rhino
Hello- 2 weeks post 2nd revision and feeling not very hopeful that my goals of removing hump on bridge and lifting tip have been accomplished.

Nose still appears convex, and tip does not look elevated to me. This is the 2nd and most likely last time trying to acheive my goals, given the surgeon said he wouldn't want to go into that nose again due to scar tissue following his first two attempts!!

This was suppossedly a highly skilled and rated surgeon. I'm feeling very depressed and angry that I've waited sooo long to do this, spent 13,000 dollars, and possibly cannot have things made right because of scar tissue.

Has anyone had the experience of the tip actually raising instead of dropping following resolution of swelling?

OMG! This is so disappointing.:uh oh::Angry:


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