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ChrisLee 03-05-2012 09:44 PM

Septal Perforation post Rhino
Hi ,
I am currently researching and consulting with various rhino revision surgeons. I was informed today that I have a septal perforation. Has anyone had this issue occur? My doctor said that we would be best to do a septal repair and rhino revision as seperate surgeries. I want the best cosmetic outcome so if it means a seperate sx, ok. Most likely insurance would cover the septal deformity. It also appears that technically I can "wait" on fixing the SP I really HAVE to fix it at all? The perforation is about 5-7 mm. Also, shouldn't my original surgeon seen this on a post op exam ? I had rasping and mini-in-office revision so I am not sure if it happened during initial sx or during a procedure afterwards.

Any thoughts...please share... thanks...

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