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annacrane 03-01-2012 08:46 AM

Rhinoplasty in Australia... Advice, please?
Hi there,

I'm based in Melbourne, Australia, and I'm looking into getting some work done on my nose. I'm more or less very happy with my appearance, except for the small bump on my nose.
I was hoping to get a closed rhinoplasty with "rasping" done to file the hump down some and make my nose straight and improve my profile.
Has anyone had this done in Australia? I'm willing to travel interstate, so feel free to answer if you got it done outside Melbourne.
What surgeon did you go with? How much did it cost altogether? How long did it take between having the consultation and the actual surgery? How was the experience? Are you happy with the results?
I want to emphasise that I am after a very subtle result and do not require major work... Perhaps about 3mm shaved off the dorsal hump.
Look forward to hearing your replies and my fingers are crossed that somebody can help me.


Jennistar 11-06-2012 06:32 PM

Hi Anna,
I'm from Australia too. If you're still looking into this then try Dr Chris Moss in Melbourne or Dr George Marcells in Sydney.

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