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avoiddr.s. 12-12-2011 06:23 PM

Revision Rhinoplasty is not like Primary Nose Surgery
When having primary surgery it's important that your surgeon evaluate the aesthetic changes so they don't compromise the function of the nose. Nasal valve collapse can occur quite easily if too much cartilage is removed. You can end up with internal or external or both nasal valve collapse. If this does result from your primary then you will need cartilage grafts in the nose to support the weakened area's. The first and best place to harvest grafts are from the septum itself. This secondary surgery is more time consuming then most primary's usually at minimum 3 times as long. It's very important that your secondary surgery is performed by surgeon experienced in grafting techniques. Why? Because there's only a limited amount of septal cartilage that can be harvested. If the secondary surgery (or primary) fails because the grafts were done improperly, then things become much more complicated and costly. The next revision surgeon will have to harvest cartilage from either the ribs, ears, or cranial region. Sometimes bone grafts can be used. Most likely the revision surgeon will remove the previous grafts put in but not necessarily, they could be modified, and then together with some other grafts for support in different area's your collapse will be fixed. So warning: make sure your primary surgeon understands the risks of nasal valve collapse, as well as risks of removing too much turbinates from you nose which could cause empty nose syndrome. Do not go with a surgeon you feel is too aggressive, get few opinions each time you consider surgery, and don't take nose surgery, especially revision nose surgery lightly by thinking the nose is only a small organ. Nose revision surgery is most difficult surgery to perform cosmetically, so make sure you select a surgeon who really knows what they're doing.

There are serious complications that can occur (in addition to the aesthetic complications which cause great psychological issue's) as a result from a badly performed nose job which can have a serious impact on your health. ie. nerve damage, not able to get full night's sleep, because of breathing issues due to nasal valve collapse, empty nose syndrome, skin necrosis, damaged lining of the nose causing stenosis, severe scarring contributing to swelling in the nose, etc...

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