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PinkCigarette 07-15-2011 11:43 PM

Dr. Grigoryants in Glendale, CA - questionable reviews?

I have a consultation scheduled with Dr. Grigoryants (Glendale/Los Angeles) in late August. I love his before/after pictures and have read many glowing reviews about him online. I'm starting to take everything I read with a grain of salt though. His results and reviews seem too good to be true. Can anyone provide first-hand experience about him and his work? I'm of hispanic origin but my nose is very Armenian, Roman or even Jewish looking. I have a high dorsal hump, it droops when I smile, and in general, it is overprojected (the tip would have to be brought in closer to the face). Clearly, I'm looking for a natural but at the same time a drastic improvement. I've read that most of his patients are Persian or Armenian and that is why I think he might do a good job on me. Anyway, please provide any info you can! thanks soo much!

EDIT: I just read on Dr. Hilinski's website that removing the dorsal hump and deprojecting the tip are two of the most challenging operations. He claims that a graft would most likely be needed if he removed the hump. Can anyone elaborate on this? I'm still unsure how grafts work...Does anyone have info on Dr. Hilinski (San Diego, CA)?

Amy W. 07-17-2011 05:20 PM

Hi PinkCigarette,
You should go to his place and have a look at his work. You might even meet his clients while you wait (use the waiting time to chat a little). That's the best way to get honest reviews, that's my opinion anyway.

One more thing - I don't know whether the reviews on his site are true or not, but I do know that you won't find BAD reviews anywhere because if the case did make it to court, it can end up as a defamation.

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