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Bgoldy 07-09-2011 07:47 AM

Longer upper lip 3weeks after Septo rhinoplasty
Hi all, 3 weeks ago I underwent a Septorhinoplasty, a nose job with my septum adjusted to enable me to breathe more easily, nose looks great ! However, I am rather concerned with my upper lip, it seem to sit lower at rest than before the operation. When I talk I don't have as much teeth exposure as I did before, upper lip seems to flick out when speaking rather than it go up whe I talk, I saw surgeon last week and expressed my concerns, he said that it was only 2 weeks after surgery and that I had to be patient and assured me that it would lift and settle, he said it was swelling, I do find it hard to believe that it is just swelling, I have read that sometimes a muscle at top of nose is resected (cut) when tip is made smaller, and can cause lip to relax in lower position. I did ask surgeon if the depressor septi muscle was cut during tip work and he said no, at moment I'm finding that a little hard to believe after doing alot of research! I really hope he is right and that I'm worrying for nothing. Any advice would be much appreciated? Has anyone had this problem ? Or even seen this before? Many thanks, benjamin 26 from south Wales

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