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EZSL 06-20-2011 09:04 PM

Pelleve Treatment
has anyone heard of Pelleve Treatment before or has anyone have it done to their noses after rhinoplasty?
I had my 8 1/2 month post-op consultation with my surgeon. We both agreed that by this time the tip still appeared bigger than it should. And due to me having thick skin, I guess shrinking is taking way too long. He suggested I tried this pelleve treatment. It doesn't hurt. It just feels warm on your skin. He mentioned sterioid injection, but he said he would not do it and he'd rather use pelleve. I will go in another six weeks for check up and another treatment. What pelleve does is, it helps the tissues to shrink and in this case it promotes the cells to heal/shrink faster on the inside.
Pelleve is also used to eliminate wrinkles, and the procedure has to be repeated to keep the effect. But using it on rhino patients it just helps faster shrinking of tissues.

Please, If anyone else has heard/experienced it, share away!

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