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michaelamarie 05-06-2011 11:27 PM

Will plastic surgery be able to fix my nose and make me look better?
I'm extremely self conscious about my face. I hate it but I think my nose is the worst part about my face. It's a hook nose and it's huge. I went to one plastic surgeon and he told me that there was nothing he could really do about it but he probably could. Anyways here are some pictures. I was hoping maybe they could turn it up.

queenchristine 05-07-2011 10:11 AM

why did he say there was nothing he could do about it? seems like a normal nose to me, idk why he wouldn't be able to do anything. Did he give any specific reason? What you probably should do is go to a plastic surgeon that does the photo imaging and see if you even like the results of a nose job. And turned up? Like a who? Next you have to do a ton of research because this is going to change the whole dynamic of your face so you want whoever is working on you to know what their doing! Even if their super expensive, it does not mean their good at what they do. Hope I helped!

FilleNouvelle 05-07-2011 12:11 PM

I'm pretty confused...I've seen plenty of people with your type of nose get successful surgeries. I think you may have just seen the wrong surgeon.

Rskull 05-08-2011 05:26 PM

There are things that can be done to any type of nose and some 'greedy' surgeons thirsty for money will certainly find a things in any kind of nose-even in perfect noses.

Why would you want to touch your nose? For me it looks nice and it goes well along with your face. I like it! But it is you who has to be happy with it. It fits well with your other facial features and touching it will destroy your natural nose which looks very natural and it is nice-my opinion.

There are certain surgeries who can improve a face aesthetically for those who really needs a surgery, But there are other surgeries which the doctors do for money and they lmake the person look worse. Depends. Go to this site: YouTube - Celebrity plastic surgery better or worse or fake?? . Some really needed plasticsurgery and got better while others did nt and their docs did the surgery since they could afford paying tons of money and got worse.

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