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jerrimo 05-05-2011 01:42 PM

Proof of Kate Middleton nose job and plastic surgery?
Take a look at these pictures of Catherine "Kate" Middleton's alleged plastic surgery; her nose job/rhinoplasty is quite obvious with this before and after comparison! How else would her tip get thinned out like that? And if you look closely and see the indentations on her nostrils that is CLASSIC telltale sign of a nose job. Kate Middleton was obsessed with catching her prince and it seems she was willing to do anything to get him. Would it be any surprise if she went through cosmetic surgery to look prettier? I'm not surprised given her creepy childhood obsession about landing a prince!!!
Kate Middleton should be called the Princess of Plastic! I will followup with more photos soon!

TRC 05-05-2011 05:54 PM

I personally don't think these pictures prove anything other than someone's a bit jealous of her good looks. Her "before" photo shows a natural nose that has a natural V-deformity throughout the bridge (many people are born already prone to this deformity in that area), and by illusion, this deformity can make people's tips look fat and large - especially when they take a photo using a close-up, fish-eye lens like in the before shot.

And the after shot shows a nose that is not a bit different. Same bridge weakness (despite how this looks like possible plastic surgery, the her bridge seems naturally like this) and her tip seems entirely smaller out of the effect that using a 75-135mm lens does. I have pictures of myself that prove this, if I use a fisheye consumer camera for a photo, my nose looks 10x wider and larger than if I use a specialty designed Hollywood grade lens. (Which is what the photo on the right looks to be was taken with.) You can really tell because of the position of her ears - the first photo causes a fish eye effect because her ears are farther back, where as the latter photo causes her ears and entire face to look more compressed - it equals a smaller nose.

However, if she did indeed have a finesse surgery, it looks great and really amplifies her looks. However, I think it's just a Paparazzi lens in this case, these lenses do wonders to facial proportions. These lenses were what started the Marilyn Monroe and Zac Efron rhinoplasty rumors, and yet I've found candid pictures of both stars (taken with bad consumer cameras and lenses) that especially prove Monroe's nose was never any different throughout life. I'm not lying, I'm both a professional photographer, videographer, and I work on film sets all the time - professional lenses just do wonders with facial aesthetics, that's entirely what they're made to do.

Sadly, many stars sometimes see themselves look 10x better with these lenses, and then they want a surgical look in real life that mimicks it - yet what they don't understand is that this then makes their on-screen nose look TINY and awful with these same lenses. Joan Rivers is a big example of this.

Here's a recent picture of Kate:

Personally, I think her nose looks natural and looks just as chubby as that "before" shot. I can tell by the lens used that if she simply looked straight into the camera, the nose would look even wider. But heck, if any rhinplasty took place, it still looks great and she's a very beautiful woman!

queenchristine 05-05-2011 06:14 PM

why would it even be a bad thing if she did get a nose job? big freakin whoop. so stupid, princess of plastic. I mean really, I don't even have to point out how stupid you sound its so blatent.

EZSL 05-06-2011 05:37 PM

It's the low angle in the before photo that makes her nose look a little wider in the tip area and also a little bulbous. Buy yes, she seems to have a better nostril definition on the after photo - judging by these two photos.
And even she did, big deal. She can do whatever she wants. I think it's petty to go around and look for celebrities/famous people who have had plastc surgery. Most of us on this forum
have either had something done or are getting something done. Who cares? Whatever makes
her happy - even if it's her nose.

pennylane000 05-09-2011 10:23 PM


Originally Posted by queenchristine (Post 10727)
why would it even be a bad thing if she did get a nose job? big freakin whoop. so stupid, princess of plastic. I mean really, I don't even have to point out how stupid you sound its so blatent.

This. I love how people get all high and mighty when it comes to plastic surgery when the truth is, if given the chance, most people would get at least one procedure done. And, no, it doesn't look like she's had a rhinoplasty. It looks like she's a bit inebriated which can swelling in the face.

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