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TRC 05-04-2011 11:55 PM

Some of these opinions horrify me.
I want to personally ask is what is the deal with old ladies who want to both keep men out of the plastic surgery benefits, and keep teenagers out of the plastic surgery benefits, and keep transgenders out of the benefits? What in the world harm does it do any of ya'll for someone to actually be happy with their appearance as long as the surgeon does a good job (which is the REAL problem to worry about; the surgeon's talent.)

I mean really, I see posts like this every day, and it really sickens me. Every single day, I see another old woman who posts something like "No way should men/teenagers get plastic surgery, they aren't mature enough, only the Females should get plastic surgery and only if they are Middle Aged and thought it through for 20 years like I did." (paraphrased). It's really some silly stuff! They even bring up things like "Oh they'll regret it down the line." and mess that I've never encountered with patients nor have ever felt myself. And then heaven forbid if a man or transgender gets a visibly botched surgery despite realistic expectations, these old ladies go on rampages in attempt to find some excuse why the patient him/herself was the one that caused the botch.

For example, with my case, I'm a transgender patient and I've never even had proper therapy for it, but it's because I'm actually happy with my personality and my plastic surgery ideals are simply to bring harmony to my face, all of my plastic surgery ideals both would fit a man and a woman equally (which is why I think I'm being realistic; I actually would hate looking too much like a woman, and I currently hate looking too much like a man) and I simply want a harmonious, equal nose - all male rhinoplasty is like this. Why would it be unrealistic if I just want the same type of harmony that all normal male rhinoplasty patients get? Who cares if I want to put on a wig on afterward or wear a dress? I just want a nose that fits my face and because I'm actually very experienced in the rules of art, aesthetics, and symmetry, I just happen to know which type of nose matches with my cheekbones, chin, and facial aesthetics. It doesn't matter a bit if I were transexual, bi-sexual, gay, straight - what truly matters as long as my expectations are realistic and right for me?

I mean, sorry to sound simple about all this, but the reality is that I think many people are jealous that young adults in today's world both work hard enough to earn this type of money and are discovering much earlier on the positive effects of looking good, and to most young adults, it's nothing more emotionally complex than braces - no one in their right mind would regret having good teeth, no one would regret having a good nose. Sure, there's some silly people out there that may get a great result but suddenly wake up and realize they want an old hump back, but really, to classify everyone like that is silly. And to go around saying that only females in their late 40's should get any type of plastic surgery or aesthetic changes is also silly!

Especially if they want a result that would truly give them such a better look! I mean, if I was blessed tomorow with a symmetrical nose that both looked handsome and modern at the same time (the type of nose that would fit with any of my personality traits or visual looks), I'd never look back! Anyone who doesn't recognize the pain that people go through every day when they're ugly or unfitting for their personality type at the hands of bullies and rude people probably has never been through that pain themselves, and then went through useless plastic surgery themselves, and then discovered how it didn't help THEM, and now they're trying to discourage everyone from doing it.

Well sorry, the positive experiences still outnumber the also-positive experiences where someone also had a great result but then somehow regretted it? I know so many people in my field and community who have told me they would have never had the courage to take some of the life steps they did unless they had plastic surgery first, and all these people who have told me this look natural and beautiful - I think you can tell a person's realistic mind by the realistic aesthetic goals they choose! If some transgender person wants a pinched MJ nose, then obviously THEY are the ones not in the right mindset, not all the other transgenders who want realistic appearances!

TRC 05-06-2011 11:35 AM

For instance, with this fantastic change:

This man only underwent a small chin reduction, and yet put that in combination of fantastic make-up and hair stylings (no surgical changes anywhere else), it totally transforms his look at no "fake" cost to his face. This small chin change made him both look identical to being a girl, and it also took about 20 years off his facial character. He could both pass as a girl and a 16 year old! Now THAT is good plastic surgery - doing the RIGHT changes and ONLY the right changes.

And he could still look like a man if he wanted to, that chin reduction was not extreme at all and most men still have chins as soft as that. So it's both a realistic change and change that works with any of his future lifestyles.

That's like my own goal, here:

The subtle rhinoplasty (pollbeak reduction, radix graft) and subtle forhead reduction gives me both a more handsome appearance (it makes me look like Leonardo DiCaprio, go figure!) and yet it also gives me a more female appearance to boot, which is also my goal. My goal is realistic in the sense that I both want to look female and male - it's not that I'm unsure which gender I want to be at all, it's that accounting for the future is what realism is. The face on the right is a face that would enable to me to look however I want to look, male or female. It's an 100% improvement either way (at least, in the eyes of anyone who isn't stuck in 1960) , an improvement that would both change my life and last me a lifetime.

I would just like to know how that is unrealistic, because to many people, it seems to be.

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