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ekul 04-30-2011 09:25 PM

Achievable result?
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Apologies for the similar post, but wanted to ask this question also. I am looking to have my nose fixed, it was broken 10 yrs ago in a car accident and re-set (primary?) very poorly at a local island hospital. as a result I have a wide lumped bridge and bulbous tip. Wondering if attached picture of current vs desired is achievable and or considered risky/difficult. Currently have consults lined up with Andrew Frankel and Jay Calvert.


Thank you

TRC 05-01-2011 05:59 AM

I do think that is definatly possible - just one other change I'd add is to get the columella less retracted, it's a very simple step to do in rhinoplasty and I think it'd make the world of difference as well!

ekul 05-01-2011 12:47 PM

Thanks for the input TRC. You mean pull the columella down so it is more horizontal? I can see how that would probably make an aesthetic improvement . My only concern is although it might look better, it may change my appearance too much.. or be one more variable to add to the operation.

I am a male and I am mostly hoping for a conservative rhinoplasty to correct damage caused by a car accident, my worst fear would be waking up with a dramatically changed Hollywood ski slope nose (that and being botched).

TRC 05-01-2011 03:28 PM

Well, with your columella, it's not really that your tip is at a bad angle, it's that your columella (near where it meets the upper lip) is retracted back into your septum. This causes your tip to appear droopy, like a turkey gobbler, when it's not actually droopy in the measured angle. Getting this fixed would actually give your tip a stronger, more masculine appearance - the thing to consider is that some deformities give a man a weaker, ugly appearance. Not all deformities are created equal and while some can give a naturally masculine appearance, others appear to be surgical or infection based (think cocaine abuse) - like a retracted collumella.

Like, to be honest, many people would consider your current nose (retracted columella, saddle tip) to be the result of cocaine abuse. It's the exact deformities that happen with that drug, and this isn't considered a handsome masculine thing - many such deformities are a negative thing and can cause all noses to look sickly, elderly, or just plain weak.

Here's what I did to the columella, and I changed it in all the morphs to reflect what might happen with coluemall repair. I didn't do anything else to morphs besides bringing down the columella. Personally, I think this makes the nose look incredibly handsome, and brings a good masculine strength to the collumella area without changing the tip angle. Just from the pictures, at least:

Basically, despite how your nose looks now, I think that in the right hands, it'll be an easy case to handle and I think just a couple small changes will really bring out a handsome strength in your nose - I think you'll be surprised at how good but conservative it can be! And I think that Frankel and Calvert are good choices, I would just watch out for over-grafting with Calvert.

ekul 05-01-2011 06:03 PM

Haha, yeah my nose is not the result cocaine, never touched it. I can see in your morph how bringing down the columella does have a positive effect, although that is too pulled down for my taste. My concern is its not a huge issue for me and would involve grafting to fix which seems to go wrong pretty often, not to mention it adds a lot of expense.

If I were to add the colluma grafting on top of re-breaking the nose, + tip work theres a lot that could go wrong. Also most of the photos of have seen of grafted columellas to fix retractions tend to look a bit plastic.

I'll definitely discuss the option with the PS though, and I'd still love to hear about more folks experiences.


P.S I'm not entirely sure my columella is retracted, i posted another side pic .. see what you think

Scott James 05-02-2011 04:08 AM

Any thing can be achieved with the help of rhinoplasty, I have seen many bad accidents and from such accidents people nose damage badly but after rhinoplast, they feel better and their life change after rhinoplasty.

TRC 05-02-2011 09:05 PM

Just another good example of how you never know what looks right until you see a full face!

In the original photos, I'd have said the columella truly needed repair at least a little bit, but in the full face photo, I could imagine the saddle being fixed as the only change - in that picture, I believe your columella looks quite a bit better and I wouldn't say you needed that change at all if you didn't want it. To be honest, I could almost say that I feel your full picture makes your whole nose look a lot better even as is - the original picture really gave your nose a sickly look from the side (really that drug use look), but in the full pictures, the problems all seem somehow less severe; the columella seems a bit fuller, the saddle doesn't seem as distracting, and the few tip oddites seem smoother and less pronounced from all aspects.

Now, not saying you shouldn't get a touch up, I believe that as long as the surgeon sticks to the goal plan and has a conservative hand, that it'd really amplify your features and restore the old you, but if you also have any doubts about having surgery, then I'd also honestly say that for your age and what just is a quick judgement of the full photo, that your facial look overall comes across as pretty common among the older or more accident-prone male faces out there - unless a lot of people are really hammering down on your look, I would say don't worry about rushing into it until you're sure it's what you wanna do!

It's sort of what I was saying about a sickly look vs. a masculine look - in the original photos, I was thinking "dang, that nose just looks kinda bad and sickly." where as in the full face photo, I sort of came to the opposite impression of "Oh, he looks pretty good, the nose looks less extreme here and seems to be more of what you sometimes see with masculine or broken noses." So I'm glad you showed me the full picture before I jumped to too many conclusions about what you needed! (and I definatly agree that my columella change was way too low for your face.)

I mean, I'm not saying this at all to stop you from getting surgery, I'm just saying that if you have doubts about it, I think that you look pretty normal (and even good looking) to the point that it may be a option for you to just take your time with the choice and tackle it at a pace that's right for you. Sometimes that's a good trade-off of being closer to middle aged; it's not always the case, but many middle aged people tend to be much more professional and respectful in how they see others physically - this might be a thing anyone can consider before surgery.

(That's really what's so painful about getting bad rhinoplasty or breaking the nose severely like at age 16 or 17 - surgeries or breaks that result in good features can be so rewarding for a teen's social life and confidence, but if the nose turns bad, that teen will literally have other teenagers that they don't even know yell names at them in public over the botched appearance. Almost every time I go out in public, I have a different group of teenagers yell things at me or stare at me horridly, and it's just so painful. Absolutely no one my age seems to be respectful toward what I'm going through - even the mature teenagers tend to blame me for what has happened - and idk, it's one of the many reasons that in my heart's heart, I'd give anything in the world to just have surgery tomorow and move on with my life - there's no taking my time, because every day that passes is just another person who points at me in public. I really hate it.)

ekul 05-03-2011 08:58 PM

Thanks for your input. Yeah these photos are all taken to make the nose issues as pronounced as possible for consult purposes.

I feel for ya man, hang in there and hopefully you can get it fixed and put this chapter behind you. Is having a revision in the near future a possibility for you? Do you mind if I ask where you had the bad surgery?

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