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pennylane000 04-28-2011 11:02 PM

Having a revision- is it wise to bring pictures?
I had a primary rhinoplasty last March (you can see my after pictures if you look through the threads in my profile) and my surgeon agreed to give me a revision to make it look more streamlined, thinner, and symmetrical. My question is: Is it a good idea to bring pictures of celebrities whose nose you like and think would fit your face, and celebrities whose nose you absolutely DONT want it look like? I obviously don't expect my nose to look like theirs, but I just want to show him an example of what I hope can be done. Or is this always a bad idea?

TRC 04-29-2011 04:19 AM

It's never a bad idea to bring pictures in - if the surgeon reacts badly to them before even looking at them, it's a sign that he is not skilled at rhinoplasty and does not want to give you any expectations. In fact, if he has not done a morph photo for you, it's the same problem. However, just to combat the "celebrity icon" picture, you may want to bring a picture of a family member or friend who has a nose with some of the features that would look good on your face, or even a picture of you when you were a child (if your nose was thinner at that age.) Going off of photo exampls and morphs are actually more realistic than not doing it at all.

Imagine going into a haircut with a new barber without providing a single picture!

Rskull 04-29-2011 06:51 PM

I do nt know what to say about this. I think that serious surgeons will refuse to accept patients who present celebrity pics (it s my opinion). Why? Rhinos are so difficult to achieve a desired goal especially a nose similar to someone that it s no sense to bring pics I think. Plus every individual has different skin type so it s not possible to bring a nose similar to a celebrity I think. And every indiv has different aesthetic needs.

Pics can guide you but ideally do a computer morph. A computer morph is more realistic and tailormade to your aesthetic needs rather than presenting a celebrity pic. While morphing do take into consideration the celebrity nose and see what aspects/features of the celeb nose you can take and what not.

TRC 04-30-2011 09:13 AM

Well, the reality is that there are standards for rhinoplasty, and the purpose of rhinoplasty is to give someone a better nose that works in harmony with the human face. Since that harmony has been studied throughout history and usually is very alike from one face to the next, it's actually very common that at least one celebrity out there will have the skin type, facial proportion, and nose that would also look great (and would be a realistic result) for the patient at hand. I don't think that every patient would be stupid enough to bring in a photo of only Britney Spears - most patients do search for celebrity examples that match their facial measurements, ethnicity, skin type and character, and they go from there. This is how rhinoplasty ideals were conveyed before morph photo technology existed.

Same thing with a family member's or a younger-you photo, often times family members have the exact same skin and facial properties, but if they have a better nose under YOUR own type of skin and frame, then their nose could be very well a realistic example of what is possible for you. Morphs and photos are both realistic tools that guide an outcome, and are excellent legal and moral tools that demonstrate where surgery went wrong in comparison that can at times hold up in court.

You simply cannot go into a surgery with a blind eye. Though as well, like said above, you also have to be careful that the surgeon doesn't pitch ideals that are unobtainable just to get you to have surgery with him - my last surgeon did this as well in some aspects.

Scott James 05-04-2011 05:37 AM

Yes it will help surgeon in making your nose in such a shape that's you want and it will save time and money also.

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