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masterGym 03-12-2008 01:34 AM

Leaving on splint after rhinoplasty!!
I have a story to share that is nuts involving my friend who removed a splint days after he got a nosejob!! So I have a rhinoplasty myself and even though the splint was uncomfortable, I stuck with it, doctors orders. I did wonder what would really happen if I took it off sometimes when I was irritated with it. Ok... so I hadn't seen my high school friend for like five years and his sister had told me how he got a nose job to fix problems in his nose due to multiple breaks in football etc. His bump was not even noticeable before really but was creating breathing issues inside which is never good. Anyway, 3 days after surgery, he got sick of staying home and went out to a bar and got drunk and decided "to hell with the splint" and took it off!! I was not there for that, but I saw him a year or so after his surgery and his nose is soooo crooked and like diagonal... much worse than before. Apparently the bone had not fused together yet and so it totally screwed up the nose. The plastic surgeon which I know was nice enough to offer to fix it for free and my friend didn't care. Odd. To each their own. Long story short, LEAVE ON YOUR DAMN SPLINT AFTER YOU GET RHINOPLASTY!!!!!

versace 03-14-2008 11:26 PM

To each their own. However if your own desire is to have your rhinoplasty be a success, follow your physicians orders exactly and take no short cuts. This is an extreme example of that.

autumn 03-15-2008 08:45 PM

i don't get it. if you're spending 10 or 20 thou on a nose job why would you do anythng that could possibly mess it up? does that make ANY SENSE AT ALL?!? people are so spoiled if they need to realize that there's no gain without pain. wear your f'ing splint it's only for a week!

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