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pennylane000 02-15-2011 01:16 AM

Does it look different? (pics)
A few months ago I made a post on whether or not I needed a revision. Here is the link:

I was concerned that the tip looked very swollen, but most importantly, that it looked extremely crooked from the front. I went to my surgeon a few weeks later and expressed my concerns, he said the tip was still very swollen but the bridge wouldn't change and that it was thin enough, which was upsetting to hear since the bridge and its crookedness is what bothers me the most.

I was 7 months post op then, and I am now 10 1/2 months post op. Does it look different? PLEASE be completely honest. I can't tell if I'm being neurotic or if this is a legitimate concern. I swear it looks like it curves to the left. I don't think it looks tragically bad, but I really wanted it to have the streamlined, parallel lines look. I'm pretty sure the tip is still swollen, though, because the collumnella and the left side of the tip still feel hard.

[Update: I removed the pics for privacy reasons]

I know I sound totally vain and obsessed, but its just that I worked very hard to save up the money to pay for it, and it didn't turn out the way I wanted it to. I emailed my doctor asking if he would charge me for a revision, and he said I needed to make an appointment so he could take a look at it. If I do get revision, I think I will wait several more months, or maybe even until next summer, just to be safe.

Once again, please be brutally honest!!!

EZSL 02-15-2011 05:02 PM

Hi Pennylane000,

I looked at your other photos on the first post you had written and then I saw the new links with photos.
I see that it does look better than before and the slight curve of your bridge to the right of your face is not as pronounced. I actually like your right 3/4 view where your nose looks straight. I think it looks great on your face. Or maybe I'm saying it because i like straight noses better than scooped/curved.
Did you have any work done on your tip?? Was your nose a little curved(asymmetrical) to the right before your surgery?? If it were, then that is why it is still looking a little asymmetrical. But it's not that obvious. So, don't worry. I think it looks great. But also, we haven't see the before surgery photos, so it is really hard to judge on the surgeon's performance. If you can put up a pre-op photo, I guess people will best tell you how your nose changed.

I have a similar problem. My nose was also slightly asymmetrical to the right. I had a nose surgery in October, about 4 months ago. And I too have slightly different 3/4 views of my nose. I had work done on my tip. Everything is still swollen and I hope it will continue to shrink as time passes. Also, I wanted a straight nose.
Here you can see my post with pics of before & after:

Just give it more time so everything settles in. Wait at least a year and a half before you get any revision, if at all...

pennylane000 02-16-2011 12:51 AM

Your nose looks great!

No, I didn't have any work on the tip, I had a huge bump and it did curve a lot to the right. Considering what it looked like before, my surgeon practically performed a miracle. I don't have any before pictures to show, but trust me it was bad.

The thing is, I'm an ultimately its an investment. I just want it to look as best as it possibly can. And yes, I would definitely wait until at least the 1 1/2 year mark to have a revision if at all. Thank you so much for your input!

Any more opinions? :)

EZSL 02-17-2011 09:35 PM

Hey, I hear you about the sugery being an investment for you and your career. And the importance of having a nicely shaped nose. I hope it heals for you and you like it better with time.

I am a model myself and although I did NOT have a HUGE bump on my nose, I definitely wanted to get it done. From a model's perpsective I am still not happy with my nose. I wanted it a little smaller. The shape does not bother me so much, I wanted a straight profile, but the size bothers me.
I had a 4 month follow up with my surgeon last week and he assures me that the nose will still go down. I hope he is not just saying it. Time will tell. But if it doesn't change at all, I will consider getting it done again.

pennylane000 02-17-2011 11:50 PM

Oh, I'm sure it will continue to shrink as time goes on. My nose looked worlds different at the four month mark than it does now. Thank you for replying and good look to you and your career!

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