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TRC 01-20-2011 11:37 AM

Have thick, red, bloated skin after a botched rhino? Read here!
Hey yall, I recently stumbled onto a miracle product during my search of skin products trying to cure my oily, shiny, red nasal skin after two botched rhinoplasties, with grafting in my nose. It's a cream called Oxy Clinical Clearing Treatment and you can get it at Walmart for about $5 for a small tube, and what it does is - it's not a lotion that soaks into the skin, nor is it soap based or bubbly - it's a bacteria killing 'dry lotion' that dries as a thin layer on the skin, a layer that is not visible yet tones the skin equally and gives it a more dull, healthy look. I found this to be amazing for my oily, thick skinned, red, dented, bloated botched nose - this lotion completely 'dulls' some of the shiny bumps and lumps in my nose, and what's more, is when the thin layer is applied, it instantly tightens the skin, lessens the appearance of blackheads, and covers up redness. It really is much like a white make-up, and it stops your skin from being oily up to 8 hours (it's true!) - the layer will crystalize any skin oil it comes in contact with after multiple hours. It's so amazing, and while I'm not sure if it's supposed to be kept on like "make-up", the bottle says to apply it a couple times a day, and says nothing about washing it off! So it's an experiment, but I figure that you botched rhino patients can try this out: you're nose will look 100% better with it on, if you suffer from the same nasal problems I am!

P.S. You probably shouldn't wear make-up with the thin layer of this cleaner on, but with this stuff, you really don't need it, it does wonders for nasal skin if you apply it evenly and quickly; it dries fast!

Rskull 01-20-2011 04:19 PM

What s its name? thank you

caribbean 07-17-2011 10:02 AM

Thank you

Sometimes there are simply no cures for certain types of skin disorders but fortunately there are treatments that work.

I have had mild psoriasis ever since I came down with strep throat in the 1998. I have tried every diet change, herb, pill, and topical cream known to man with no success. Eventually I realized that psoriasis is incurable and that periodic treatments are the only answer. I found that I could eliminate psoriasis by tanning (ten minute sessions) for a couple of weeks every few months.

In 2008 I had a rhinoplasty and ever since then my nose and cheeks have been red; I thought this was simply psoriasis due to the thick red/inflamed flaking skin. However, after I started actively getting rid of my psoriasis through tanning I noticed that my face remained red. I then wondered if the redness could be due to my rhinoplasty. I searched the web for rhinoplasty redness and was surprised to find this website and your post.

I found it difficult to believe that a mere acne type cream could diminish the redness in my face from a rhinoplasty due to many past failed attempts with psoriasis creams. While highly skeptical, I ordered some OXY Clinical Clearing Treatment like you recommended just to give it a shot.

I'm still in a state of disbelief that this cream works so well. After only a couple of minutes washing my face and applying the cream the redness fades substantially and is barely noticeable. This is only the second day I've been using it and I think that the redness will continue to fade with sustained use.

The main active ingredient in Oxy Clinical Clearing Treatment is Benzoyl Peroxide (5%) so I've begun to look at other products containing this ingredient such as Jan Marini Benzoyle Peroxide 10% just to experiment.

I took the time to register to this site to corroborate your findings. Thank you for posting this information, you really helped me!

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