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TRC 01-17-2011 04:58 PM

What do you think is natural for this ethnicity?
Hey guys, I have an example I would like to provide:


This beautiful woman shown here is a woman of Native American descent mixed with Caucasian decent, a mixed ethnicity that creates a very unique set of features that both adhere to her Native ancestry (strong cheek bones, strong chin, symmetrical and smooth ethnic nose that has an ethnic uplift and nostril show, wide-set almond eyes) and also work well with her Caucasian influenced skin tone and lighter hair color; overall, this mixed appearance gives her a very soft, accessible, modern look, as opposed to the extremes of what she may look like if she inhereted the oblong features of a full Caucasian (Sarah Jessica Parker, Owen Wilson, Robert Pattison) or had severely broken her nose in a boxing match.

Now, here comes the question: do you think that this woman would be as attractive or as fittingly unique for her own mixed ancestry if she was born with the same predominantly Native features (wide-set eye space, ethnic eyes eyes, oval jaw character, strong cheek bones) but with a nose that suffered from an irregular pollybeak, hump, cleft deformity, severe droop, or extreme growth? Would a nose like this man's "before" nose (or even his "after") look nice on the woman above:


Now, personally, I do not think that this man's nose, before or after, would look nice, pretty, symmetrical, or fitting on the feminen, smooth, symmetrical face of the ethnic woman above, but it seems that some people I have met disagree and think that this man's nose would make the woman above look better. I just do not see how, but maybe you guys can confirm what would look more beautiful and natural for the Native American woman: her natural nose in the photograph or the nose of the old, aysmmetrical-jawed, broken-nosed old man? Please and thank you!

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