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Rainbowsky 11-19-2010 01:28 PM

Anil Shah
Seems there has been added a few more people to his Rhinoplasty album. The people new people look really really good too..nice to see more photos as I've had my eye on this surgeon for a while. I know I wasn't the only one here interested in this surgeon so wanted to share. Hopefully they add more over time.. Love seeing this surgeons work.Before and After Chicago Plastic Surgery Photos Has any one here used him? I think I've only seen one persons results aside from the ones on his site..I'd love to see more.

EZSL 11-23-2010 03:56 PM

I like some of these noses, too. Thanks for sharing.

Rainbowsky 11-24-2010 05:03 PM


Originally Posted by The2nd (Post 9665)
I like his new website and his noses. But may I ask you if this is a kind of a promotion:Freak:

Although the noses on his site are nice.

no. im not promoting im really interested in the doctor as I like his work. Still looking for others who have had experience with him. thanks

ChrisLee 07-31-2011 10:23 PM

Botched Rhino
I had my rhino/septoplasty with Dr. Shah last year. My friend had his done about a year prior to mine and the results were fantastic. For me however, the story did not end so well and I am still living in total frustration of what to do next.

To be fair... this was strictly "finesse rhinoplasty" and a septoplasty (basically to get insurance to pay for the bulk of it!). I had a very SLIGHT "bump" in my profile and just wanted to pare it down a bit and have an over all "sleeker" look to my nose. My nose before was "cute" and I was looking for something more mature and streamlined.

I had an open rhino, the procedure itself (i've been through more than my fair share!) was a piece of cake. Uncomfortable more so than utterly painful. Have your icepacks ready and pain meds as needed.

So, what do i like/dislike about my new nose?

Well for starters, it healed totally crooked. Before I had a slight bump. Now the bump really isnt there in the profile or oblique angle but from a "head shot " view my nose curves to the right . I went back to Dr. Shah several times, and was told it was just part of the healing process , it would go away blah blah blah. 10 mos later I was insistant that I needed further intervention. First, we tried to "file down" the bump on the right side of my nose. Didn't do a darm bit of difference. At this point I consulted w/ a Dr. Rodger Pielat (check the spelling on that one) and he agreed that I needed a Rhino Revision. I was horrified. They both chalked it up to "sometimes this happens".

So a few months LATER...i had ANOTHER procedure to rebreak my nose and attempt to straighten it out again. It is an improvement, but I don't love it. I am very particular about my looks down to every detail. I like the work he did on the tip of my nose, but it's not in harmony with the bridge. My advice, do your homework. Have multiple , MULTPLE consults w' different drs. I was confident in doing this procedure bc my friend had a great experience. I have also had breast aug and went with my "gut feeling" on the first doc and it was wonderful. I just assumed I would have another great experience.

At this point IDK what to do... my nose is "doable" now. But I wouldn't have paid thousands of dollars to have a different problem than I had before. I was just looking for a LITTLE improvement, which I did get but coupled w/ additional issues that were not present previously. If anyone is interested in seeing , send me a PM.

Last but not least, I now live on the east coast. I am right between Baltimore and Philly. (Someday) I would like to get yet another opinion on my "revision" (which was more like a mini revision...I was awake for the procedure ....and no it was NOT fun). Does anyone know of a GOOD rhino revision surgeon in either area ? I would like someone that only does faces/noses.

Thanks to all and good luck to everyone!!!


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